Is he stalling and putting off commitment?

Hey single ladies -- do you want to be exclusive, but he’s aloof?   Are you ready to be a wife, but he says he still needs time?   One of the biggest challenges in modern dating is actually getting to the commitment that you want, with a man you respect, who...

Are you Stressing about your Love Life?

Gulp...that feeling when he starts to pull away. Totally sucks, right?   You know, when you’ve been dating for a few weeks,   Or maybe longer and you just had intimacy…   And that dreaded pit in your stomach when he stops texting as much...and isn’t...

Is he the One, but you just can’t see it yet?

So many women are sick of going on dates without feeling any magnetism to the person…   “Where are the butterflies?” they want to know...   “Why am I not that attracted to him, when he treats me so well?” they say…   “How long do I go on like this,...


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