Hey Single Ladies and Ladies in Dating…are you feeling exhausted, frustrated, and overwhelmed with dating? Or maybe even BORED with all the apps and all the games?


It’s super annoying to put your heart out there again and again, only to be ghosted or have no one return your messages. Or to go on dates and never find someone you actually like.


After spending months like this, you probably feel like dating is more work than fun…right?


But here’s the problem — your heart, your life, your energy, and your time are too precious to waste on boring and lackluster dating experiences…


You have SO MUCH LOVE to give! And so much love to receive. There is WAY MORE FUN to be had!


Because if someone can tell you’re exhausted, resentful, or shut down, it’s only going to attract two types of people:


Narcissists who are dead-set on “proving” to you how awesome you are so you let your guard down, only for them to take advantage of you…




Guys who are in a WORSE off state than you who are looking for a mom or therapist in you…


So it’s a vicious cycle… the more you hate dating, the worse men you attract. But, in order to love dating, where do you start?


You start by getting support to make the whole thing easier. Just like if you were wanting to get in better shape, you’d hire a trainer or sign up for a gym or order a healthy meal service.


When something in your life isn’t fun anymore, find someone to help you out so you’re less overwhelmed, more confident, and can ENJOY the process again.


Imagine if you went on a few dates a month with the BEST men for you, had your pick of which one to get exclusive with, and then that relationship just got better and better until you said “I Do” — pretty life-changing and amazing, right?


I’ve helped over 150 women get into incredible partnerships, women who were exhausted and bitter but knew there was a better way to find love.


Are you ready to have FUN dating and meet your partner now?


Xoxo, Violet


P.S. If you’re done having no-fun in dating and want a better way to meet your person and enjoy the whole process, let’s talk. I invite you to set up a free Breakthrough to Love call with my team where you’ll learn what’s keeping you from love and those subtle blocks holding you back from the fun and passionate romance you deserve. The only catch is you have to be willing to show up and be open with us, so we can help you. If that’s you, grab your spot now at www.violetlange.com/talk

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