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finally getting the love they deserve!

As you read the stories of these amazing women, please keep in mind: These are all real clients. No one is ever compensated in any way for what they write. These are all extraordinary women with a tremendous commitment to love and devotion to becoming their best, most-loving self.

They applied themselves, followed the system, and pushed through huge challenges, old fears, and limiting beliefs to succeed in love and heal. This is not easy, but we think you’ll agree after reading about their new life and love that it’s worth it!

Heather lives in Chicago, has an amazing corporate career, and is passionate about empowering young girls. Watch her interview for how she learned to win in love.
Susie live and works in Chicago. She is a high-level accountant and loves her dog. She was struggling with love before she found us and now is thriving!
Beth is a kick-ass leader in the dairy industry. She has lived all over the country and now lives in upstate New York. Beth was searching for the right love before she came to work with us.
Nakita is a total southern sweetheart! She manages a team, loves cross-fit and arial yoga, and was ready to change her patterns in love.
Meisha is a well-known yoga teacher who has a huge heart but needed help standing up for herself and valuing herself and with setting healthy boundaries. She is radiant and beautiful inside and out!
Lauren lives in Philadelphia, works in women’s health, and loves creating and building community. Watch her interview to hear how she transformed her love life in just a few months.
Richa lives in Rhode Island, has her PhD, and is passionate about real estate investing. She completely changed her patterns of attraction and now has a wonderful partner who matches her intelligence, interests, and needs. Check out her interview to hear her amazing story of love.
About 2 months ago I decided to discard that “Negative Energy” (the married manipulator I was seeing). Everyone here gave me such great advice and a little voice in side of me was screaming “do what these great Queens are advising. Not sure why it took me so long to do it, but it’s finally done. I just woke up one morning and blocked him.

A week went by and I was sad but not devastated. I felt like I gained my power back and positive energy started to flow my way. He did send me a brief email but I wanted nothing to do with this negativity anymore.

I put myself back on POF but started chatting with men more cautiously and with a better idea of what I wanted. Out of no where this guy, Sean sends me a brief message. The next day we are off the site and talking on the phone (everyday for a week). He asks me on a date and we hit it off from there. It was nice to have someone take me out to a nice dinner, then dinner & a movie. He stopped an hour out of his way to stop by and see me at work. Spent an hour with me and then continued his 4 hour drive.

He has joined me a handful of times at my sons baseball games. He can’t get enough of all of us and I can’t get enough of him. He wants to meet all my friends and family. I took him with me to my mom’s 70th birthday party. My family loved him.

I think my mom likes him more than me.

My children adore him. My 6 yr old daughter asked, “mom are you going to marry Sean because we like him?” I asked her why do you like him? She said, “Because when we talk or ask him a question he pauses looks at us and then answers. You mommy, when we ask a question run away.” He just hasn’t been around them long enough to tune them out. LOL

But kidding aside, that’s just him. I have never met a more patient person. I throw all “my crazy” at him (and I can get really frantic and overwhelmed at times) and his answer is, “Tell me what I can do to take some of it off of you and have you be less stressed”. I have never had any man do that before. He doesn’t command me, nor tell me what to do, or belittle me. He just is caring and patient with all of us (my 3 children and me). I have never felt so cherished and loved. I feel SAFE with him. Like I can give him my entire heart and know he won’t use me or manipulate me. I stopped questioning things like I use to. I’m not running to the “dollar store” psychics and asking what will be. I just know. It’s hard to explain. He may be my person, but I’m not putting the tittle on him and I’m not asking each day, like I did with so many other dates. I’m just loving him and he is loving me. With this, I have just stopped looking for my person. I have closed all dating apps and have no desire to look further and so has he. We are enjoying each other and this ever growing and evolving relationship. What will be, I do not know, but what is I know very well. I know we are love. That simple.”


Before the program, I gave up on dating and was just focusing on my work. I was coming out of Two unfulfilled relationships. They both left me exhausted. I was not dating. My biggest take away is setting boundaries, not feeling ashamed to state my needs and wants, and seeing red flags and cutting out the relationship right away instead of putting up with breadcrumbs. I am now actively dating and have claimed my wonderfulness and worth as a woman.

I met Violet rather fortuitously at the beginning of the year via a Facebook live. I say fortuitously, but the truth is that I didn’t know, at that time, how deeply I needed what she had to offer: a multi-dimensional, holistic approach to loving yourself and a partner by integrating the mind, body, and spirit. She incorporates teachings that are at once ancient and modern in their breadth, and she and her wonderful team (powerhouse coach Tammera Logan and assistant Elizabeth) make you feel truly looked after from your first call. Frankly, Violet’s course has been the best decision I’ve ever made for my love life and the best decision I’ve made for my own personal enrichment in the last couple of years. Her course is a must for any single woman desirous of rising above the cacophony of modern dating advice in order to experience true abundance in love as well as in other areas of her life. What’s more, the community of women in the course make the journey all the sweeter.

I connected with Violet through Facebook. I knew I would benefit from working with her after my first phone call. Everyone with The Pleasure Path is attentive and professional. They truly care about helping clients get what they want. One thing I would recommend to anyone interested is make sure you can attend the conference calls. Even though you can listen to the recorded calls, the live group chats are priceless.

I connected with Violet and The Pleasure Path through a webinar I saw advertised on Facebook. I ended up doing a 1-on-1 consultation with Violet a few weeks later when I was going through a rough patch in my relationship. I was impressed by how attentive she was, asking thoughtful questions and genuinely interested in helping me get what I wanted in my relationship. We connected again several weeks later once that relationship ended and I embarked on a journey of self love and reflection through the Queens of Pleasure program. It’s 8 weeks of intense, but fun and empowering, practices and teachings to help you get clear about who you are, your foundation of love and what it is you want in a partner. It was a very new experience but one I’m glad I tried. Violet is super accessible and understanding and really good at spurring you on to be your best self without being overbearing. With Violet, her team and the community of women she creates (fellow “queens”), I felt really supported in my journey of attracting and maintaining lasting love. Definitely a worthwhile course.

I found Violet’s program by pure coincidence. I was working on a project for grad school and I don’t know how I came upon​ the free live webinar and I couldn’t stop listening. Something inside me clicked and I know I had to reach out. The following week I had an​ introduction call with one of her lovely coaches, Tammera and everything that we discussed resonated with me so much that my heart knew this was the program for me. This program and the wonderful constant support I received allowed me to heal many old patterns that were coming up for me and relationships. I loved all the meditations and embodiment practices which are key to integrate into one’s self and help with breaking old beliefs. I am deeply grateful for her help, guidance, and continuous support. This program is worth the time and we can all become better women in our relationships. I wish I would have found this sooner, but it is always the perfect time. I am glad I was able to do this and complete it and have so much peace in my heart and in my life. Thank you, ​Violet!!

I was struggling with the idea of dating again after divorce, being alone for over a year and unable to open up my heart to anyone else for fear of getting heart. Dating was pretty much non-existent. I was online dating without much success.

Before joining Queens of Pleasure, I felt like I was stuck and I didn’t know how to get out of it. I felt like after the disaster of my divorce I needed to learn how to love myself and be kind to myself, before I could ever get back out there and date again.

Violet helped me understand that I worthy and deserving of love. I am worthy of self-love and worthy of the love of a great man. I will not settle for less this time around.

Queens of Pleasure has taught me how to love myself, how to be feminine and how to tune down my masculine tendencies. It has taught me how to value myself, and to know how much I have to offer to someone, but that person has to be able to offer me something wonderful also.

I am seeing someone, it’s a bit complicated as he’s leaving the country for 2 months to visit his family in Brazil. We have left our relationship status open, he is free to see other people and so am I. He has told me how much he cares for me and how much love and respect he has for me, and that he would like to continue to see me when he returns. I went out on a date with someone already, and I am scheduling a date with someone else for next week sometime. I will see what happens when he gets back from Brazil, but for now I will continue to date other people.

If you’re invited to join Queens of Pleasure I would say, “go for it!” I was unsure about the program when I signed up, but I am so happy I took the leap of faith. I have learned so much and feel so differently about life and love, it has changed me for the better.


When watched Violet’s free webinar, I had just gotten out of a 3 year relationship (finally listened to my gut and broke up with him!) and had just met someone I really loved and saw a future with and it was becoming very, very clear that my old ways/patterns were actually sabotaging that possibility, and I knew I needed help!

I was also struggling with loving myself. That was probably the bigger problem! I know that a good relationship requires two whole people; co-dependencies are formed by people trying to fill a hole in their heart with someone else’s love. But I also knew that love is like the icing on the cake, the wind beneath my wings, the fuel for my fire that makes all my other goals and dreams and desires possible!

I knew I needed to learn more about how to have healthy relationship, and stumbled upon the webinar, watched it, and it really, really resonated with me 🙂 I sort of knew, I think, going into my breakthrough call that I was going to sign up – actually having the call and being listened to and having someone help me see that I deserved a great love. It was so incredible to see that as a real possibility. And also, I knew that if I could get the tools and support to figure out self-love, that it would be totally 100% worth the investment 🙂

Violet taught me to feel safe in my body, learning to feel pleasure and feminine energy (and that it’s safe to do so!) as well as healing from past relationships, just letting that garbage go! And permission and guidance to not settle.

If you are thinking about working with Violet Just do it! What are you waiting for? <3 You are worth it!! There is nothing more important than (self) love. It’s the foundation upon which everything else is built. And the sooner you learn the skills and tools, the longer you get to live a vibrant amazing life!


I recognized a pattern of attempting relationships and failing, feeling many negative feelings about myself and a particularly devastating heartbreak.

Violet’s words resonated with me, her warmth, her kindness, her caring, her understanding.

Violet taught me self love! I am happy to have healed what I was still holding onto from the past and feeling much better about men. The self love that I’ve regained through this program is everlasting and has strengthened every aspect of my life.

Joining Queens of Pleasure has helped me with my struggles in my love life, healed me, and that has also led to confidence and success in other areas of my life as well.


I will be honest – I was hesitant about the price of the program. It was a big investment for me. I knew after the breakthrough session call that it would be a great experience, but it was still hard to say yes to the credit card payment. I can say with confidence after completing the program that it was worth every penny. It would have taken me years to make the progress that I made in just three months of Queens of Pleasure. I now believe that I can have (and deserve!) a fulfilling relationship with a great guy and that it will only be a matter of time before that happens. In the meantime, I’m having fun and enjoying life!

Prior to the program, I felt incredibly fearful of dating and felt like I was a failure at relationship. I felt scared at the possibility of opening my heart to another man.

I watched a video on Facebook that was very intriguing. Mostly about how women hold the keys for turning new relationships into lasting love and common mistakes for why we push this away.

After watching the video, I spoke with one of Violet’s assistants and looked way back into my past history that included childhood sexual abuse to understand why I might be subconsciously sabotaging my present day relationships. I realized that I needed to make major personal change if I wanted to fulfill my biggest dream – to find and create deep lasting love!

That authentic deep self love is THE most important factor in success of any kin, and most certainly in dating.

Queens of Pleasure has helped me to love myself deeply, to bounce back if things are not going well or as planned. It has taught me that my particular expression of womanhood is already perfect – that I am neither too much or too little. It has helped me to understand that I can soften the hard edges that I have kept up as defense mechanisms. Overall, I feel much more empowered in my own skin!

I have been dating exclusively for 5 months. Although I did meet a wonderful man, he has been very caught up with a drama with his ex and has made it incredibly clear where I am on his priority list (no where near the top). I am happy to recognize this relatively early on and to be very ok with walking away. Instead of feeling like this is another example of failed relationship, I picture this as one quality man who is just one in a sea of attractive high vibration men who are available to me.

If you have struggled with issues of self confidence and know that this is a key roadblock to you finding lasting love, do this program now! What you put in is what you will get out. No matter what your outcome is, if you graduate with a deep sense of self love you will have accomplished the most important thing you can do in your life.


I’ve gotten more in 3 weeks of this course than in 4 years of very intense therapy.

I’m happy to report that after being single for 6 years I’ve finally met my soulmate and the love of my life. Finally! Thank you Violet! Thank you for helping me find my femininity. I’m so grateful and blessed and I feel so fulfilled.

Embracing my femininity, loving myself, Being less critical of myself

Well, I found out today that I’m getting a raise, without even asking! My boss came up to me and said he wanted to increase my pay. What? This is amazing! It’s nice to see that men, even not romantic interests, are responding to me differently and I’m being valued.

Feeling good and happy – and having other people notice that as well. Putting on a dress today and feeling svelte, sexy, and professional all at the same time. I’m just feeling really good in my own skin.

He’s treating me differently than any man before — it’s like I knew from the beginning that he chose me, that he’s choosing me. I get texts from him every day, he plans out our dates, and I feel more relaxed than I ever have when dating. Thank you!

Things are going well with Sam. We’re actively working to not repeat mistakes, improve communication, and be kinder and gentler with each other. The kids seem happy he’s at home with us. I’m hoping we can keep things going on this track, and build the happy, fulfilling country life we want, with us as the true partners, parents, lovers, friends and poets I know we can be.

Wow I can’t believe it but two weeks after joining Queens of Pleasure and my ex is paying me back the rent he owed me for months! Something has definitely shifted — I am respecting myself more and so is he.

I’m redirecting love and appreciation to myself, and it’s making me feel so good. My ex said I looked “radiant” after just rolling out of bed the other day, and I feel people are being drawn to me! Thanks, Violet!

I’ve already noticed that I get more looks and smiles (week 2 of the program). It’s fun to notice the changes! I love the practices this week! …they are exactly what I need. The latest practice immediately opened things up. I also realized that I’ve been armoring my heart and I’ve been compartmentalizing, which I feel is just another way of building walls between my whole self and what is expressed to the world. So I need to practice allowing for love and receiving in multiple ways.

I need to share a celebration with you. I went out on an amazing date last night – my first date in several months – and it was great! Completely different feel from other dates I’ve been on in the past. The guy was exceptionally interesting and fun, but I really noticed the difference in how I showed up. He kissed me at the end of the date – this is big for me because I’ve never been good at giving off the vibe that I want to be kissed, even when I did want it! We talked about getting together again and he sent me a good morning text today. Yeah! Thank you both for your supporting during this journey! It’s fun to immediately see and feel changes 🙂

The conversation was good and time passed by really quickly. I definitely noticed that I felt more feminine and light hearted during the date. I’m not sure how well I did on trying not to lead the conversation but I can say that nothing we talked about became a competition. The date lasted for almost 4 hours. He walked me to my car and gave me a hug. We talked about going out again as well. I asked him to let me know when he made it home safely and he did. So hopefully we’ll get to go out again. All in all it was a good date and he seemed like a genuine guy…also very attractive and tall!

Feeling really embodied and getting my mojo back. These practices are getting me much more in tune with my body and its sensations. I’m honoring how I feel in each moment vs telling myself how to feel.

Great realizations about my interactions with men in general and how I have gotten mentally and emotionally stuck on the few guys where I did feel that energy or they gave me attention temporarily (but not actual relationships) – but now I don’t have to be stuck on those guys because I have the power to create that energy whenever I want. This practice and realization is also helping me let go of past rejection.

I just found out I got a new job! And the guy I’ve been talking to was being very complimentary about me being who I am and being real and such. It’s amazing to me to see all of the changes happening in my life from loving and embracing myself more. It’s really something!

I’m deserving, worthy and sexy

Violet’s wisdom paired with her passion for loving kindness and healing is so beautiful and inspiring.

Violet offered a vast array of tools from articles and videos; to meditations and reflection questions; to play and imagination.

Violet’s ability as a coach is unparalleled. Her questions dive so deep into the psyche and open you up to the patterning that’s in the way of reaching your higher potential.

Wow, I had two random guys start conversations with me on the elevator!

I received several compliments this week from men with whom I work. Although I didn’t dress differently, they were recognizing a change in me.

I *just* started seeing a boy I really like!!! He’s super cute, really thoughtful, and an incredible kisser. Plus when he wears this one button-down shirt and his glasses he looks like a sexy Waldo. I swear, it’s sexy. And I feel REALLY in my pleasure when I’m with him.

I met my guy and am being treated like a prize Things are going great for me because of you — this is my year!

I’m happy to report that after being single for 6 years I’ve finally met my soulmate and the love of my life. Finally! I’m so grateful and blessed and I feel so full.


Changing old patterns is hard. We coached every one of our clients through fear, overwhelm, and self-doubt to find lasting love. Your love life, dating history, and the “who” of what you want are different, therefore your results will be different. If you are looking to play a game or manipulate a man, look elsewhere — we are so proud of the transformation our clients have realized, and it’s not a snap-your-fingers or one-weekend fix! We can help you win in love when you’re committed to making it happen and are willing to show up.

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