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I am an expert on love, dating, and relationships. My specialty is helping amazing women create fulfilling, lasting relationships. I am not a matchmaker — I am a mentor. I will guide you to become the woman you’ve always wanted to be in love, and I will help you to attract a partner who adores you and treats you like a queen.

If you’re ready to find a love that gets better every day and to embody your most deeply powerful self, then you’ve come to the right place.

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LEARN HOW to get approached by the right people

LEARN HOW to get approached by the right people and stop being dependent on the apps…especially if you’ve been told you’re “intimidating”.


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Is This Missing from Your Profile?

Do you seem to attract men who are nice, but never make a move or actually ask you out?   Or guys who seem cool, but then start sexting you and pushing for the physical?   Do you attract scammers or time-wasters who build a connection, only to leave you...

Are you ready? 10 weeks til the next 10 years…

You only have 10 more weeks in this decade.   Let that sink in -- just TEN more weeks until the 20s!   What has the last decade been like in your love life?   If I were to guess, probably full of ups and downs, and at least a heartbreak or two. Or maybe...

What to Do If You’re Feeling Burnt-Out on Dating?

Have you been feeling in a dating funk? Not digging the apps? Not feeling interested in anyone? Fifty years ago (or even twenty), there was far less selection when it came to dating. Now there are new apps launched all the time, but no one seems that much happier in...

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