Welcome, I’m Violet Lange.

I am an expert on love, dating, and relationships. My specialty is helping amazing women create fulfilling, lasting relationships. I am not a matchmaker — I am a mentor. I will guide you to become the woman you’ve always wanted to be in love, and I will help you to attract a partner who adores you and treats you like a queen.

If you’re ready to find a love that gets better every day and to embody your most deeply powerful self, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Latest Podcast

Creating a Pleasureable Pregnancy Part 3

In the final part of A Pleasurable Pregnancy, I cover how to keep your partnership strong, the emotional/spiritual connection during pregnancy, how to leverage your incredible creativity during this special chapter, and more.


Recent Posts

Living Proof that Chivalry is NOT dead!

Do you want a partner who is patient, kind, and goes out of his way to see you? A partner who will teach you new things and open up your world?   I’m so happy for the recent dates of my clients who are enjoying new adventures with chivalrous men like these below....

This is for single moms…

  Massive shout out to single moms. Dang. I recently became a mother, and I have so much compassion for all moms, but especially single moms.    I cannot believe how much energy and care it takes to raise a human, and I can’t imagine doing it alone. So if...

Is this your new normal?!?

Is this your new normal?!?   What are you putting up with in your love life?   Is there something your friends tell you is “normal”, but it just doesn’t feel good to you?   Many women have found their standards, and their self-esteem, slowly erode until...

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