Welcome, I’m Violet Lange.

I am an expert on love, dating, and relationships. My specialty is helping amazing women create fulfilling, lasting relationships. I am not a matchmaker — I am a mentor. I will guide you to become the woman you’ve always wanted to be in love, and I will help you to attract a partner who adores you and treats you like a queen.

If you’re ready to find a love that gets better every day and to embody your most deeply powerful self, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Pleasure as Magnetism with Kayce Neill

Your pleasure is magnetic! Did you know that pleasure can increase your confidence and seduction? My guest Kayce Neill shares with us her 5 ways to create magnetism — you don’t want to miss this episode.   Kayce Neill, MA,…


Recent Posts

I got caught up…how about you?

Lately I have been doing some deep work to integrate my masculine and feminine. Partially because being a new mom has required it, and partially because it’s time for me to evolve. This has taken me beyond what I’ve been teaching the last seven years, into new...

3 Things to Look for While Dating Now

You may be curious what to look for if you’re dating at this time. I talk to women every day about their love life, and believe me, I’ve heard it all. But here are the three most common phrases to watch out for:   First, you never want to hear someone online say...

How Do You Date, Now?

How do you date, now? You can’t stop looking for love until everything settles down, because there isn’t going to be a “return to normal.”    But that means dating looks different. Dating needs to be more conscious and embodied. This is an opportunity to meet the...

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