Have you ever thought:

I wish I could just skip dating altogether…it’s so much work

Isn’t doing my spiritual practices enough? 

How come my vision boards and affirmations haven’t seemed to work? Or why have they only brought me narcissists?

Sometimes I meet good potential dates, but most of the time something is missing

Why can’t I get the people I AM interested in to message me back or to make plans?

I want to meet the love of my life and get married, but I’m not sure how

Maybe something is wrong with me…or maybe I’m just missing something here

Are the best years of love really behind me? 

Will I ever be in a happy thriving relationship?

Do I really have to choose between settling and being alone?

5 years after my divorce, this is exactly where I was stuck…

I was feeling sad, confused, and frustrated. Sick of swiping and overanalyzing texts. Tired of getting my hopes up. I felt like I had tried everything, but still something was missing. 

After potential relationship after potential relationship crumbled within a few weeks or months, I felt like I had nowhere left to go.

Until I realized something absolutely life changing.

Love is a process of awakening…not chasing or searching.

Let me explain.

What I realized was, it wasn’t more tactics I needed, or bad love advice from friends. It wasn’t more apps or changes to my appearance. It wasn’t more vision boards or checklists.

Because literally I had tried everything under the sun to attract my partner.

I needed something different. A revolutionary approach to awakening (instead of searching for) the love of my dreams, step by step.

I had reached the point where I said 

“F it. I’m not settling for crumbs, I’m not exhausting myself searching, and I’m not going to sabotage my love life anymore. I don’t need love, I AM love.”

But what would turn my dreams into reality? How could my realization of becoming love attract the partner I no longer needed, but wanted?

Crafting my own heroine’s journey 

I tried all of the external tips and tricks to find love, but nothing worked.

I realized the next logical step…the ONLY real next step…was to look within and create the unique love life I wanted. 

Instead of looking for my soulmate or waiting for them to show up, or chasing people who weren’t interested, I needed to awaken the love within me.

I realized the more I focused on the searching, waiting, settling or chasing, the further I got away from the romance I had been craving for so long.

After quite a bit of experimenting, I discovered the true secret to attracting love…

You must BECOME it.

And not the co-dependent people pleasing “love” that I saw all around me. Or the “I don’t need a man” type of self-love that closes off so many hearts (and leaves so many women unnecessarily single). 

What I needed was to awaken to the radiant love available to me, instantly and effortlessly.

So how was I going to do this?

Love isn’t someone you “find,” it’s WHO you are 

After this realization, I searched for a way to truly become love, attract love, and then create love, together, forever. But there was a problem.

Nothing really showed me how to go from hot-mess to happily-ever-after. Nothing really showed me the inner awakening, the spiritual journey, to building an incredible relationship.

I felt like Goldilocks.

Either the books or mentors I found were super spiritual, but had zero practical tools. Or they were super practical, but manipulative, full of ultimatums, and quite frankly demeaning.

Or it was created by someone not in a relationship themselves, and totally lacking integrity and trust!

Feeling frustrated, I started doing something novel. 

I started paying attention to how I was feeling, and what I wanted, instead of what these so-called gurus said and instead of worrying how my date would react.

I developed a compass, within my own experience and my own awareness, that always guided me towards love — because it always guided me back to my unconditioned Self.

I began noticing when I was out of alignment with my truth and my pleasure…

when I was searching, proving, performing, or acting in an inauthentic way in order to get love. 

I paid attention when my heart, mind, or body would take the lead, and instead I started to integrate ALL parts of me…

so that I would be loved completely, fully, and unconditionally — by myself and my future partner. 

Now that I had awakened my own radiant love compass, I just needed to test it out and make sure it was pointed truly towards my wildest romantic dreams.

Authenticity creates opportunity

I started dating differently.

With my radiant love compass, which was always aligned with my authentic Self, I could easily take more risks. 

I spoke openly about wanting to get married and have kids, any time that I wanted to instead of “waiting” to see if they felt the same. I voiced my feelings and frustrations when someone didn’t follow through, instead of playing it cool.

I had FUN on my dates instead of feeling like it was a job interview, because I knew I was responsible for my pleasure, not the other person.

I could do these things — be authentically vulnerable and enjoy dating — because I had become love…because I radiated the love that was my unique essence, but which had been hidden behind shame and fear and overanalyzing.

The more I became love, the more love was attracted to me, and wanted to be with me. 

My vulnerability actually increased closeness. And my self-responsibility (instead of putting it all in the hands of the Universe) increased their desire to want to take care of me. The protective, providing, purposeful type of partner I had always wanted started showing up for me, everywhere.

I met a doctor at a gas station who took me on a candlelight 5 star date. I dated a firefighter who was a former lawyer, who made a picnic for me on the beach. I traveled to the Carribean for a week of sand, sun, and soulfulness with a successful business man I was dating.

But most importantly, I started to feel confident about my love life and my absolute worthiness to have everything I wanted in love.

The Story of How We Met…Twice

However the single moment my love journey all came together was on a December evening in Pasadena California six years ago.

Because I was following my pleasure and in authentic alignment, focused on my own awakening instead of people pleasing or hoping or waiting, I had decided to attend an event led by Consciousness Hacking.

The event was all about lucid dreaming — you know, those incredible dreams where you feel like you could fly, and every detail seems so lifelike and vivid? 

I had lucid dreams many times in the past, most notably three weeks prior when a handsome man had come up to me in my dream, put his hand on my heart, and said “you’re a 100, and this guy you’re dating is a 10.”

You see, I wasn’t sure the person I was seeing at the time was really the best long term match — mainly because he was pretty sarcastic and I have a sensitive heart.

Little did I know that the man from my dream, who encouraged me to break up with the guy I was seeing, would literally show up in real life three weeks later at an event on dreaming.

Jason approached me at the event, asked for my number, and a new chapter started in my awakening to love.

But this was just the beginning

When Jason and I were talking, I felt sparks flying. But not the lusty, helpless, falling head-over-heels type of spark which is codependent and oftentimes signals you’re with a narcissist. 

These were spiritual sparks. I felt connected to Jason on a soul level, and as the conversation deepened, on an intellectual level too.

Because I had been practicing authentic vulnerability and Self-awakening in dating, our emotional connection was powerful as well.

However, I soon discovered that the awakening doesn’t end when you meet your partner.

This is why so much dating and love advice is doomed to fail — because it focuses exclusively on “finding” a partner, but not on developing a spiritual growth toolkit for your relationship. So even if you meet someone fantastic, without going on your own journey of awakening to love, it will fizzle out.

I now had to put into place all that I had learned, with a fierce devotion to growing TOGETHER. Now that I had become love, and attracted love, I needed to create love. 

The first three months of our love story were full of joy and passion, but also full of pitfalls. 

Would we get to commitment?

Did we want the same things?

How would we navigate boundaries? Intimacy? Schedules?

And most importantly, were we both ready to do the work needed to build a solid foundation of respect, honesty, and love?

Had I not switched from “searching, settling, and sabotaging” to “awakening to radiant love”, I would have lost Jason.

There were tests and tribulations. But I applied the same principles I had learned in dating to this new relationship.

And within 9 months of meeting, we’d gotten engaged.

Now we’ve been married for nearly 5 years, have a beautiful daughter, and help people all over the world to create the relationship of their dreams.

Introducing Radiant Love 

By now you might be wondering, what is this spiritual toolkit that develops my radiant love compass? How can I design and live my own romantic fairytale that leads to lasting partnership?

I never intended my love journey to turn into an actual proven system (one that over 250 women have gone through to find love)…

But once I experienced the depth, devotion, and sacredness of love with Jason, and all of the pain leading up to reclaiming my sovereignty in love, I knew this is what the world needed more of — love that breaks generational cycles of trauma and inspires healthy families, communities, and more. Love that expands and gives back.

So I decided to guide others in the process of awakening to love — the process of becoming, attracting, and creating the love of their dreams.

Which is how Radiant Love was born, and why I’m sharing this behind-the-scenes journey with you now.

This is my signature system. Everything I learned (and all the things I want to help you avoid) before, during, and after meeting my soulmate, right up to this present moment.

It’s a shortcut (ten years distilled into a few months) to incredible lasting romance and committed partnership, if you’re willing and ready to do the work of personal awakening. 

It’s the same system I’ve used to help successful spiritual women like you meet their life partner within a few months and reach all of their relationship goals.

The beauty of this system is that it has customized guidance that is completely designed around you — your hopes, desires, and visions of life and love. Because I found on my journey that I needed a little hand-holding, encouragement, and someone to show me the ropes — someone who had already built an interdependent, co-creative, inspiring partnership.

This is everything I wish I had 13 years ago, coming out of a divorce and feeling bewildered by dating.

As I discovered (the hard and long way), it’s not about meeting the one — it’s about awakening to love and radiating that love out. It’s about becoming love, attracting love, and creating love together.

All of which requires transformation. This is the only way. This is why Radiant Love is different from everything else out there. And why, if you stay committed and open, this is truly the last course/tool/program/approach you’ll ever need.

Radiant Love is like an alchemy of the mind, body, and heart — once you experience it, you will never be the same…in the best possible way 🙂 

I’ve had clients attract new jobs with double the pay, unexpected bonuses, and creative opportunities to write books and star in films. Other clients have started their own businesses and non-profit organizations. Still other clients have had babies with their soulmate or traveled the world together because of this work.

So if you’re ready to awaken the love of a lifetime, with yourself and your partner, for the good of all of humanity…

Then I invite you on the most audaciously pleasurable pathway to true love.

Get Radiant Love today by setting up a call with me or my team. Fill out this short application here and we’ll get started. 

xoxo Violet

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