Hi, I’m Violet

I help successful women feel more pleasure in their bodies and love in their hearts in order to reclaim their feminine essence and reignite their souls’ desires.

I’m an expert on
love, dating, and relationships.

It is my pleasure to help women reclaim their feminine essence, feel amazing in their bodies, and become empowered in love to get everything they want. I teach women how to attract and keep an incredible partner through my signature program Queens of Pleasure, which gives you everything you need to win in love and to create a fulfilling relationship.

Love is the most powerful force on the planet. Through love we can build healthy romance, healthy families, and a healthy world. It is time to integrate the masculine and feminine energy within us and within our partnerships.

I have my MBA from Harvard, am a 500-hour registered yoga teacher, and have been coaching women for the last 7 years.

If you’re ready to:
  • Get into an amazing relationship with an incredible man, which gets better every day instead of fizzling out
  • Thrive in love while everyone else flounders on their phone and wastes time swiping through profiles
  • Stop attracting non-committal, emotionally unavailable men who are only interested in a physical relationship
  • Draw a man closer, even if you can’t seem to get to a 2nd or 3rd date or are stuck in a cycle of short-term relationships
  • Inspire him to commit, even if it’s been years since your last relationship

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“Before I met Violet, I was stuck in a revolving door of unsuccessful relationships…

I’d spend a few months with someone, then either a breakup or ghosting, leaving me bewildered and unsure of what I was doing wrong. I would meet people, but I couldn’t get anyone to stick around. Through our work together I learned how to change the way I date, and now I’m in a committed relationship with an incredible man who cherishes me.”

~ Susie

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The Four Fearless Feminine Actions My Clients Take to Find Love

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