As we wrap up summer, it’s time to tie up loose ends, and get focused on what we want to create, experience, and become in the last few months of 2020.


To help you find clarity, I’m sharing 5 great podcast episodes I was recently a guest on. These 30 to 60 minute sessions will get you thinking about how to approach dating and love in a way that leads to greater pleasure and joy!


Also, my mini-course Embodying Divine Union is only available for purchase until Monday evening, so sign up now if you want to enhance and integrate your masculine and feminine energy:


My latest episodes as a podcast guest:


What Does It Look Like for Women to Do the Work? — the Dear Men podcast This one is super important if you want to get into a great relationship.


How to Date Effectively Even When You’re Over Fifty — the Tuff Love Show This episode is great if you’re not sure how to find a second, or third, or fourth (or first) lovestory.


Your Questions Answered on Intimacy, Love, and Dating — the I Can’t Wait to Tell You podcast This was so fun, covering turn-on and positions and more. Ohhh my 😉


Dating Apps Boundaries and More — the I Can’t Wait to Tell You podcast On this show I do a deep dive into dating more effectively and how to use the apps


Wellness Practices for Finding Pleasure in Dating, Love, and Partnership — Courageous Wellness During this show we talk about feeling good while creating loving relationships.

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