Within every destruction, fertile soil is created…the stage is set for the phoenix to rise again.


We don’t have to bypass the dark emotions. They’re part of the phoenix’s fuel.


Creative feminine knows that shadow leads to light.


Creative feminine knows that nothing gives birth to something — even when we feel like we’re on our last breath, our last penny, or our last hope.


Creative feminine creates without effort. Just think of a baby being created in a totally receptive, dark place (our wombs).


Even if you don’t have a literal womb, you have a metaphorical one.


We need a collective womb, as a society, to gestate and birth a new humanity. The old patriarchal ways are dying.


You may ask, where are the warriors? Who will save us?


We don’t need warriors. We don’t need more war (within ourselves, within our nation, within the world).


We need more priestesses. Women devoted to sacred love, with compassion, grace, and skill to navigate all of the cycles of life.


Priestesses alchemize the divine feminine into action. This form of the creative feminine embodies what she wants to see in the world — she magnetizes her vision, and yet she lives in flow. Her sensuality is a gift. Her devotion is an offering. Her playfulness is a balm for our doubts.


We need the priestess. But without the dogma and hierarchy of the patriarchy. It’s her time. It’s our time.


When the lights go down, the priestess works her magic. She doesn’t need to be seen — her creations are enough to return joy and energy back to her, because her magic is amplified through pleasure.


The lights are going down. We’re heading into the Fall Equinox and the night will be longer than the day.


What will you create in this sacred time?


The bigger the vision, the more you need support. Which is why I’m re-opening my Fabulously Feminine Community, with even more content and a new payment plan.

Think of it as a “love club” where you learn about love, relationships, feminine energy, and how to embody these principles. All in a fabulous, supportive community with live coaching calls, and new practices, meditations, and videos released every 2 weeks.


The best part? When you join Fabulously Feminine you get access to the content and calls for life, so you have the congruent structure and container to continue to manifest all that you want as the spiral turns higher.


We start on September 22nd, in just 12 days. Join me: www.violetlange.com/FF


Xoxo, Violet

P.S. photo by Diana Simumpande on Unsplash

P.P.S. If you’ve always wanted to work on your feminine energy in a way that feels fun, clear, and intuitive, now’s your chance to join Fabulously Feminine. We begin again on September 22nd and I’ve created new payment plan options for this “love club” to make it easy and accessible. Check it out here: www.violetlange.com/FF

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