Ever wonder how to keep a relationship going strong? 


Are you sick of 1 date, 1 month, or 1 year relationships that leave you feeling heartbroken or always waiting for the other shoe to drop?


It takes special skills to keep a relationship going strong — DIFFERENT SKILLS than it takes to date. 


These are the skills I teach my clients — not only how to date but how to get into a great relationship. That’s why I’ve had 3 clients get engaged in the last 2 months.


And this is why so many women get frustrated…just when they think they’re done dating forever because they found their guy, it fizzles out.


Men make commitments much differently than women do. They make commitments based on FREEDOM.


This is actually great for us women because men aren’t looking for the freedom to be with multiple women (well, some are, and that’s their deal). Many men are looking for freedom IN their relationship.


Freedom to follow their purpose.


Freedom to not have to be perfect or be nagged at all the time.


Freedom to be a MAN in the relationship and not another one of your girlfriends.


This is good for you because a healthy, co-creative relationship means you have freedom too. 


Don’t you want freedom to be yourself and be loved and adored for every part of you (even the ones you keep hidden)?


Don’t you want the freedom to be vulnerable and not have your emotions used against you?


Don’t you want freedom to be the Queen, in love and in the rest of your life without being told you’re intimidating?


When both partners have this sort of freedom, both partners have committed, sacred love.


Getting to this level of freedom requires vulnerability.


Check out more of this and learn how to keep the relationship going strong, all the way to “I Do” and beyond in my video:


Sending you so much love and freedom,


Xoxo, Violet

PS If you aren’t sure how to keep a relationship going strong and struggle to share yourself vulnerable or struggle how to give a man freedom AND still have loving, faithful, committed, let’s talk. Pick out your spot now at www.violetlange.com/talk

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