Okay ladies…today might be kinda painful…like when you had a fun vacation but then you’re like oops, it’s painful to look at my inbox!


This sort of pain relates to when we go into “mom” mode in dating and relationships…


You know, when you get bent out of shape about the logistics of a date, or a trip, or what your partner is doing…


I have to tell you, I fall into this same trap myself.


Instead of keeping the passion and love alive, sometimes I make all my conversations with my husband about the logistics…


about his day and his schedule, or about my day and my schedule, or about the things we need to plan or the things to get done around the house, or what we need from the grocery store.


Now of course we need to talk about those things in a relationship, but to a WAY lesser extent while dating…


And even in a relationship, if we focus just on the logistics, we may lose the LOVE!!!


This is a big problem because most people don’t want a caretaker, they want a true partner. Someone who inspires them, helps them think differently, connects them to their heart, and makes them feel like the hero they are…


But when we focus on logistics we can get into “mother hen” or organizing mode…stuck in our head and disconnected from our heart. Yikes!


Imagine if your partner or your date just HANDLED it! Took care of the little and big things for you? Planned amazing dates or trips?


How cool would that be to just relax knowing he’s bringing home great food from the store or ordering in for you?


If you’re Captain Logistics he won’t do that. He’ll think “oh she likes to do that. She’s good at that.”


Is your heart is longing to be taken care of and just get a break?


Are you ready to feel more LOVE and let go of the planning a bit?


Xoxo, Violet

PS if you tend to date from your head or get stuck worrying about logistics, it’s okay. It’s a common pattern I see all of the time and help women through every day. If you want to be LOVED and cared for, just set up a free Breakthrough to Love call here where you’ll get insight on how to break this pattern for good. Select your spot now at www.violetlange.com/talk

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