When a sexy woman walks into the room, the whole energy of the place changes! Heads turn. Voices soften. Electricity fills the air.

But, did you know?

It’s not really about how she looks.

Or what she wears.

Walking like a Sex Goddess is about the way a woman MOVES.

Her hips.
Her belly.
Her breasts.

Slowly. Sensually.

I knew I had a habit of walking fast, charging ahead, and dissociating from my body. Because I would feel it sometimes, mid-stride, and softly whisper to myself “walk like you just had an orgasm. Soften.

What I didn’t realize was just how disconnected I was from my hips when I walked.

In this video below, I share from my backyard How to Walk Like a Sex Goddess.

That is, until I took an S-Factor class (feminine movement pole dancing TedTalk here – it is SO much fun!). The instructor lovingly encouraged us to do our “S-walk”. Her curves undulated naturally. Her breasts bounced and her hips swayed and she was mesmerizing. Most importantly, she looked like she was enjoying herself!!!

When I did my S-walk, my body was like “what?” I thought I was walking sexy, but I quickly realized I felt more like a baby deer on her legs for the first time. I had never learned how to walk with sensual movement.

Over the following days, I experimented with how I moved into the line at Starbucks, into the room at yoga, and even through the kitchen at home.

And I discovered, you CAN LEARN How to Walk Like a Sex Goddess.

Because it’s so easy, I made the fun video below in my backyard to share with you!

There are only a few simple steps, the first of which is to slow WAY the F down.

Moving at a sensual pace allows ME to FEEL my radiance, while going too fast definitely blocks my pleasure.

In fact, there are a few other things that keep me feeling less than sexy…pleasing others, worrying about the future, and not expressing my self.

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Devoted to your bliss,


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