Yep, I’m going to go there today.


To the place where a lot of women don’t want to go…the deep not-so-pretty truth of why most women aren’t getting anywhere near the amount and quality of love they deserve.


Everyday you probably see (in real life or on Facebook), women getting showered with affection, getting engaged, and turning heads.


But have YOU ever felt truly cherished?


I’m talking about consistent, regular, loving affection, attention, praise, admiration, and special care from a high quality man.


Instead of feeling cherished, are you most often feeling like you’re the one doing all the work in the relationship (and in life)…?


If you are not feeling cherished on a DAILY BASIS, and if you’re taking care of the men in your life versus them taking care of you, it’s not your fault.


Most likely your mom, your friends, and your colleagues didn’t teach you how to avoid this trap.


Why does this happen?


It’s pretty simple and boils down to three things.


Once you address these three things, the world of love is your oyster.


One of my clients Adrianna went from never getting noticed, attracting men who just wanted the physical, and feeling shut out of love…


to getting multiple dates a week with amazing men who treat her like gold.


She had a massive turnaround — which is good, because she’s in her 30s, wants a family, and before we started working together her love life was going from bad to worse.


Now she has the confidence and foundation to feel cherished by men all the time!

All because she started doing these three things:


1 — Invest in Yourself…


Adrianna stopped treating herself cheaply.


She took the time, money, and energy necessary to BECOME THE PERSON who would attract a high quality guy who is ready for commitment.


She made time for self-care and personal development — including cultivating her feminine energy instead of being “one of the guys.”


How can you expect a man to cherish you if you won’t cherish yourself?


How can you expect a man to invest his time and money on you if you won’t do the same for yourself?


Now I’m not saying you need to work with me, but please work with someone to get the skills, system, and support that you need.


2 — Appreciate Men


What we pay attention to grows. Adrianna stopped looking for all the wrong things in a man, and stopped fantasizing he’d change into someone he wasn’t.


She stopped emasculating men in an attempt to control them. She learned how to respect men.


But this wasn’t false praise to stroke a man’s ego — good guys will be turned off by that and see it as manipulation.


It’s common for people who read a lot of books or watch a lot of videos to mess this up, because they don’t have real-time feedback on how to draw a man closer AUTHENTICALLY vs strategically.


3 — Learn to be Vulnerable in the Right Ways


Before we met, Adrianna had a hard time asking for what she wanted, knowing her value, and speaking her truth.


When she tried to be vulnerable on texts or on dates, it backfired and came across as needy.


But by embracing healthy vulnerability, men started cherishing her and protecting her.


These three actions to feel cherished by a man may seem simple. But implementing them consistently is not easy.


When we started working together and Adrianna took action with these three things, she began feeling cherished, seen, and adored regularly.


What would that be worth to you? To be able to access attention and love from the masculine, whenever you wanted?


How might that boost your mood, your income, and your beauty?


Good men don’t just disappear. They choose good women who have done their work. Becoming a woman who is deeply cherished is totally possible for you, when you choose and cherish yourself.


Xoxo, Violet

PS if you’re ready to feel cherished and receive passionate love, and are willing to be even more committed to yourself, let’s talk. Relationships don’t just “happen” — they take intention and effort just like anything else. If that’s something you want help with, pick out your spot now (we have 3 or 4 spaces this week):

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