Moving from Pressure to Pleaaasure

It's SO Easy to Give Up. Here's How Not To. I was feeling pretty depressed today. My body heavy with the inauguration. My heart sick with fear. My rising desire to figure it all out and yet feeling helpless. I want to...

The Three Keys to Oceanic Pleasure

This morning I felt so far from pleasure. It was early on a Saturday. I was super tired, and a little cranky. I was driving to my private client, trying to get “ready” to be on point. I prepared to listen to some...

Stepping onto the path

I’ve been unfolding to pleasure all of my life - but for a long while there were times I kept it hidden. Sneaking into the pool after dark to feel the rush of cool water as I dove in. Partying like a rockstar at Harvard where I got my MBA. Eating frosting out of the...


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