Why we Should take Sex Advice from Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow was recently in the news for the launch of new products in Katherine Timpf of National Review, we shouldn’t take medical advice (or sex advice) from her because “no one should want to be like her.” Katherine seems extremely upset with Gwyneth’s choices...

Moving from Pressure to Pleaaasure

It's SO Easy to Give Up. Here's How Not To. I was feeling pretty depressed today. My body heavy with the inauguration. My heart sick with fear. My rising desire to figure it all out and yet feeling helpless. I want to...

The Three Keys to Oceanic Pleasure

This morning I felt so far from pleasure. It was early on a Saturday. I was super tired, and a little cranky. I was driving to my private client, trying to get “ready” to be on point. I prepared to listen to some...

Stepping onto the path

I’ve been unfolding to pleasure all of my life - but for a long while there were times I kept it hidden. Sneaking into the pool after dark to feel the rush of cool water as I dove in. Partying like a rockstar at Harvard where I got my MBA. Eating frosting out of the...


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