It’s SO Easy to Give Up. Here’s How Not To.

I was feeling pretty depressed today. My body heavy with the inauguration. My heart sick with fear. My rising desire to figure it all out and yet feeling helpless.

I want to fight, and yet I’m so sick of being an independent warrior.

What my heart craves is being a pleasure-filled goddess.

So instead of collapsing, or getting super aggressive, I’ve discovered a third way:

To respond to Pressure with PLEASURE.

It doesn’t mean being a push over. Rosa Parks simply stood her ground. She radiated a confidence that would not be moved!

If you’ve seen the movie Moana, the main character gets tossed off the ship time and time again. The ocean lovingly brings her back to the deck, she doesn’t go away or collapse or scream and fight. She simply keeps showing up from a place of determined love.

I feel that ocean within me, gently lifting me up, every day. Helping me to glow as I grow, as I learn that pleasure IS the way. Can you feel that ocean within you? She’s there, although you may have forgotten her

If you want to learn how to deal with pressure in a way that nourishes vs depletes you…if you want to stay radiant and sexy even when you feel overwhelmed and angry, I’m here to affirm that YES.

Yes, you CAN overcome fear, without being aggressive and without rejecting everyone around you.

In the video above I share a shockingly simple tool that you’ll undoubtedly laugh at….bringing you back to your pleasure and that place of feminine strength.

Will you let me know what this easy technique does for you?

Will you give it a try at your desk or on a conference call and see what happens?

Like Moana, I’m committed to showing up as a pleasure-filled goddess. Which is why I’ve decided to offer a series of FREE monthly webinars for celebrating being a woman, for deepening enjoyment of sex, and for receiving deep connection and soulful love. I can’t imagine a more important time to become a beacon of love than NOW, when the world feels so dark.

I’m so excited to invite you to:

Radiant Sexy Confidence:

A Pleasure Path Mastermind with Easy Tools to Overcome the Cycle of Rejection and Protection, Let go of Aggression, and Nurture Your Inner Feminine to Receive MORE LOVE

February 3rd, 2017 @ 1pm pacific

Devoted to your pleasure,
xoxo, Violet

Hathor is the Egyptian Goddess of Beauty and Love. She woke up the Sun — bringing light to the world — when the Egyptian Sun God Ra went off sulking.

“Ra stormed off to be alone – presumably this is a story about a solar eclipse – and refused to join the other gods. Hathor decided on a plan. She went into Ra’s presence and stood before him and started to dance and strip. The dance caused Ra to laugh, forget his hurt feelings and he once again rejoined the gods.” © Caroline Seawright

Talk about Pleasure under Pressure and showing up as a Goddess! When the world was ending, PLEASURE brought it back to life. Keep hope dear Goddesses.

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