This morning I felt so far from pleasure.

It was early on a Saturday.

I was super tired, and a little cranky.

I was driving to my private client, trying to get “ready” to be on point.

I prepared to listen to some soothing music or a recorded meditation.

But my finger hit PLAY to some deep, sweet electronic music by Jan Blumquist.

My seat heaters were on (yeah, it does get *cold* in LA in January ☺).

And when the pulsating music hit, the vibrations mixed with the heat in my body for an epic, alchemical reaction.

There are 3 keys to oceanic pleasure, as I share in the video above.

Even when you are feeling absolutely separate from your pleasure, like it’s an entire ocean away from you, this short practice will help.

Devoted to your ecstasy,

Xoxo, Violet

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