Writing for Elephant Journal taught me a hugely important lesson.

A lesson about failure, and the key difference between being interested and being TURNED ON.

I wrote a piece, Why we Should take Sex Advice from Gwyneth Paltrow, and Elephant Journal published it on Thursday.

I was fired up — to share my story of trauma and healing, to explain why I LOVE the Jade Egg, and to let women know there ARE solutions to sexual hang-ups. I’ve had my fair share of them.

While the article was a success (in my mind :0)) with over 8,000 views and over 600 shares, something else was an EPIC FAIL.

My webinar on radiant confidence didn’t work. Zero interest. Zero sign ups. None!

What I learned is that I really have to be FIRED UP.

I can’t talk about authentic sexuality and go through the motions.

It’s my job to help women find their turn-on, but I wasn’t using my turn-on to create.

It was an okay idea, my webinar on radiant confidence.

It was interesting, somewhat.

But it didn’t light me up.

And oh baby, I want to be lit up!

So today was different.

I was feeling overwhelmed by all the political chaos. I saw some nasty headlines. My body hurt.

After my self-pleasure practice, I had a huge insight.

I felt incredibly, deliciously inspired and a little hot — yeah, a little turned on and passionate – about:

Masturbation as a form of Political Activism.

I realized self-pleasure is a tool for massive change worldwide.

I can almost hear the “ew” in your voice.

The disdain in your heart.

The shock and slight disgust on your face.

I’ve felt it too. It’s uncomfortable to think about, let alone read about and talk about, masturbation.

At least for many women I know.

So I’m asking you to read on a little further and consider your relationship to your sexuality as the source of your own personal power.

I’m asking you to get curious.

I’m asking you to become even more responsible for what you do with your sex.

Yes there are barriers. We’ve been trained to fear and shame the vagina.

I get it, and yet, F that. We don’t have time for that.

Pussy is powerful and it is HER time. NOW.

Will you sit with your fear and disgust a little longer? In order to break free of external constraints on your sexuality?

I absolutely 100% know that it’s time to take the POWER and the PLEASURE into our own HANDS. Literally.

Because I’m so passionate about this…

and because I know first-hand…
(pun intended lol — I just can’t help myself today)

that self-pleasure has supercharged my power and created more love…

I’m offering a NEW webinar on this topic:

Self-Pleasure for Political Activism: How to Take the Power Back into Your Own Hands

You can register here, and I’ll be sharing more details in a few days via video.

I’m also writing a blog on the same subject, so stay tuned for that next week!

Thank you for sticking with me here to the end — for staying with your feelings as they arose, for leaning INTO the discomfort, for doing what it take to purify so you can receive more pleasure. I know it isn’t easy.

And if you would like to learn 3 ways to masturbate as a tool for political activism, register for the webinar here.

Devoted to your turn-on as an act of #resistance,

xoxo, Violet

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