I marched in LA on Saturday (funky fun pictures below!)

It was glorious to see so many women rocking every expression under the sun. Wearing pussy hats, carrying funny and poignant signs, holding hands, dancing, CELEBRATING LIFE.

A few weeks ago, a new client came to me wanting to be intimate with her husband again. Wanting deeper love. Something was blocking her pleasure. She wanted to be more in touch with her femininity and sexuality.

But what did that actually mean, to be more in touch with her femininity and sexuality?

Her text to me a few days after our first session summed it up:

“I feel like something that belonged to me returned. Wow. I’m amazed at how quickly I feel more empowered as a woman. It’s like coming home. I used to hurt myself every day, and now I move more delicately for the first time in my life. I’m much more in touch with my femininity…I’m a lot more tender and gentle and flowing. And I had the first intimate experience with my husband in a long time.”

For her, reclaiming her femininity meant being tender, gentle, flowing, and intimate.

For others, reclaiming your femininity may mean being strong, determined, and fierce.

What messages did you receive growing up about what it means to be a woman?

What were you NOT allowed to experience or embody?

As I work with women, I see time and time again that WOMEN ARE ALL UNIQUE.

And to that I say Fuck Yeah.

Because the world needs YOU, more unabashedly YOU, than ever before.

Because our systems are crumbling and you may be the one who sparks a revolution.

I’m here to guide the transformation of trauma into pleasure, and to celebrate every freaking beautiful step along the way.

I don’t talk about it very much, but I’m a survivor of sexual abuse. And it’s a privilege to guide other women, survivors or not, into the exquisite gift of authentic, innocent, playful, sacred sexuality.

God, I love being a woman.

Which on some days feels like bright pink Urban Decay lipstick.

On other days it feels like howling in anger in feisty, loud, slapping sex (Probably TMI but I love pulling my partner’s chest hair).

And yet on other days it feels like nesting and nurturing myself — wearing my cozy unicorn onesie and a enjoying cup of tea.

On days like today it feels like being a boss — multitasking extraordinaire getting shit done the way of the goddess.

What does it mean to YOU, today, to be a woman?

When do you feel most delighted to be a woman?

I’d love to hear from you here or on Facebook at The Pleasure Path.

Celebrating YOU and all women today,



P.S. Because I’ve decided to become more vocal about my abuse, about pussy power, and about the importance of healthy sexuality, I’ve decided to change my name for The Pleasure Path to Violet (and Violet Lange specifically, the last name of my fiance). So, you’ll be getting messages from Violet from now on. Why? I have never resonated with Jessica, and I want to feel safe talking about these topics with a healthy boundary between my personal life. I trust you’ll understand what it’s like to want to take care of yourself 🙂

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