I’ve been unfolding to pleasure all of my life – but for a long while there were times I kept it hidden.

  • Sneaking into the pool after dark to feel the rush of cool water as I dove in.
  • Partying like a rockstar at Harvard where I got my MBA.
  • Eating frosting out of the tub with my fingers after work as a manager in a baking factory.
  • Wearing sexy lingerie underneath my corporate suit.
  • Playing hooky from my consulting job to wander the streets of New York City and stare at art.

Like many successful women, I knew how to do it all. Multitask. Work Hard. Play Hard. Act Perfect.


Except most of the time, I didn’t feel so sexy inside.

Even with all of the trying so hard to fit in, so hard to get the love I wanted, I was more and more unhappy.

Something was missing.

And that something was me. A relaxed and soft me. A tender and passionate me. A sexual, sensual me who blossomed in her pleasure, nurturing it as her guiding force.

I had lost my radiance. My innocence. My bliss.

I had conquered my mind with lots of self-help and intellectual drive.

I had bolstered my spirit with plenty of positive self-talk and long silent meditations.

I had battled my heart through the pain of divorce and a string of short-term relationships.

I had worked my body like a machine, to be driven and used.

I had become a warrior in a woman’s body.

But what I craved was to let go.

To put down the shield and sword.

To rise up from the earth as a sensual, passionate, creative, loving woman whose pleasure shapes her world.

Who attracts and births anything and everything she wants.

I built a business, Executive Sutra, bringing mindfulness to the corporate world, using the same behaviors and mindsets I had learned at work. But it didn’t turn out the way I expected. It didn’t get me the love I had been missing or the abundance for which longed.

So I decided to prioritize pleasure and nothing else. To let my desire and intuition (and vagina) lead the way.

I desired to:

  • Feel delicious in my body, no matter what I happened to look like or eat that day.
  • Enjoy passionate sex and experience g-spot and cervical orgasms — for myself, not just my lover.
  • Celebrate my femininity and lean in to myself.
  • Stop pushing so hard, and start being easy and kind with myself.
  • Be seen as soft, elegant, and lit up by love.
  • Find my life partner and let him take care of me.
  • Stop trying to control everything and start trusting the world and myself.
  • Discover my sexuality and integrate it with my spirituality and career.

And I did.

I experience the fulfillment of each of those desires on a daily basis.

I know the joy of being adored, of feeling fully feminine, of following my bliss. Of creating wealth, and soon, a family.

This is why I started the Pleasure Path.

I am so moved, so touched, so deeply grateful you are here. I can’t wait to meet you, to build our tribe of pleasure goddesses, and to change the world together through feeling good.

Will you say yes?

With tingles all over and ecstatic bliss,

A.k.a Pink Chai

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