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PS — Tomorrow (Friday) at 2pm PST I’ll be on Facebook LIVE, sharing how self-pleasure is vital for our power (politically & otherwise)! Check The Pleasure Path FB page for the live stream or to watch the video replay afterwards. 

Hear me out.

Before you say ew, or close your browser, or flush with embarrassment, I want to say something: It’s time to take the power (and the pleasure) back into your own hands. It’s time—now.

When done in certain ways, masturbation is one of the most important practices in our political revolution.


I’ve had women tell me the guy they’re dating doesn’t like it when they self-pleasure. He feels like he should be enough. For some women I work with, it’s been years since they’ve had any sexual experience, solo or otherwise.

I’ve heard stories about being shamed for self-pleasure. I even remember seeing some creepy video in my sex ed class showing a teenage cartoon character in his bed touching himself and an ominous voice with a message of “it’s wrong.”

What they were saying is “you’re wrong. And so is your desire.”

This breaks my heart.

Because it wasn’t until I started exploring my own terrain that I experienced incredible sex and deep orgasms with a partner—internally, not just clitorally. Because it wasn’t until I stopped using a vibrator that I felt the sacred connection with my own body and its capacity for joy. Because it wasn’t until I reclaimed my sexual essence that I felt truly empowered as a woman to create change in the world.

Not only is masturbation a beautiful thing, but it has the power to transform our entire planet. And it is themost fun thing you can do to join the resistance movement—I promise.

How? Here are three simple strategies to take the power back into your own hands and use your sexual pleasure for good! These techniques are not easy, but they are worth it, I assure you.

To get the 3 Tips for Self-Pleasure, read the full article on Elephant Journal . Check out my video below for the importance of self-pleasure, now more than ever.



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