Do you long to have someone plan out cool, fun, exciting dates for you?


When’s the last time someone surprised you with a romantic evening or day trip or getaway?


Do you feel like you have to make all the plans if you want something good to happen?


It can be a struggle in modern dating to have unique and surprising dates…because so many people out there aren’t making fabulous plans…they’re just settling for “hanging out.”


I’ve helped countless women go from “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” and other lackluster texts, to getting amazing trips, beautiful flowers, and incredibly unique dates.


If you’re not having the joy, romance, and surprise you want in your love life, what you need to do is simple but not easy — it’s something I teach my clients in my signature program Queens of Pleasure…


And that is to communicate your desire without attachment, and appreciate the moment.


Look, some people are naturally gifted at planning epic dates, but most are not. Many people WOULD want to make you happy and delight you, if they only knew how. Your feedback to a potential partner is crucial for educating them.


That’s where it’s KEY for your date to know what lights you up! So many women don’t express what they like and want, because they’re afraid it’ll sound needy or entitled…


or they think if they express what they want, it means they have to plan it all out.


OR, they get attached to getting their way, and get huffy or dramatic if they say what they want and don’t get it.


So how do you inspire someone, once they know what you like, to take action?


The way to make your dreams come true is to appreciate the moment. When you appreciate the moment, your date or partner will want to make more special moments.


Nothing stops a potential relationship faster than when the other person feels you have expectations of them which they can never meet…or that no matter how hard they try, it’s never good enough.


So, are you ready to be pampered, surprised, and adored?


Xoxo, Violet


P.S. if you want to have way better dates, and to feel confident expressing what you want without pushing the other person away, you need to get in touch with your desires, femininity, and vulnerability. I help women learn the tools to inspire amazing dates with incredible partners. If you’re ready to go from average to outstanding in your love life, set up a free 45 minute Breakthrough to Love call here:

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