Gulp…that feeling when he starts to pull away. Totally sucks, right?


You know, when you’ve been dating for a few weeks,


Or maybe longer and you just had intimacy…


And that dreaded pit in your stomach when he stops texting as much…and isn’t making any plans.


I remember going through that 6 times in two years…2 month relationships just went “poof” and I felt awful just watching the other show drop again and again.


It’s no wonder we get stressed about relationships,


Especially if you have a pattern of attracting men who are non-commital or seem to run hot/cold.


Just when we feel like we’re getting closer, oftentimes a guy will pull away.


But there IS something you can do differently in your relationships and in dating, to make the process BETTER for both of you…


To attract a man who does want to commit,


And to ENJOY the process as you get closer and closer again and again.


No this is not about waiting until a certain time period to be physical.


BLESS your date or partner, don’t STRESS about them.


Most of us grew up in stressful relationships with imperfect parents. It’s okay. That doesn’t have to keep you in a stressful relationship now or keep you alone forever.


But you do need to have a BLESSING mindset, not a stressing mindset, for love.


Which takes skill, courage, and support, especially if your pattern is to freak out…which can then be a self-fulfilling prophecy.


My clients change their patterns of attraction, improve their own attachment style to become more secure, and learn how to navigate the cycles of dating to create lasting love.


Imagine what it would be like to get the love you desire, the consistency you crave, and the commitment you always wanted, without having to stress about it?


If that sounds good to you, I invite you to set up a call with us.


Why keep stressing about your love life when you could be reaping the blessings?


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you find your “relationships” are short lived, or start out great then get “crunchy”, let’s talk. You can get a commitment in love — with someone you’re attracted to — without all the stress. Just set up time to talk with one of our love specialists — aka Breakthrough to Love coaches — for a free 45 minute session now:

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