Are you feeling exhausted and exasperated by dating?


Do you want your love life figured out now, so you can put all that energy into something else?


Do you want committed partnership but keep attracting game-players and weird situations?


I remember feeling SO frustrated by all the casual dating and non-commital men…I remember deleting my apps and then reinstalling them so many times I can’t count…I remember attracting narcissists, guys who wanted three-somes, and super passive men who wanted me to do all the work.


If this is happening to you, I get it, because I was there about 7 years ago and it sucked.


The reason this may be going on is the lack of healthy inner masculine within you.


Having a strong, integrated, and supportive inner masculine is KEY to having a great love life.


But many women have so much outer masculine energy — in their careers and lives — that they don’t have much inner masculine, and this wreaks havoc on their dating.


When you have a healthy inner masculine, you create healthier relationships and attract healthier men.


When you have a healthy inner masculine, you create a safe space to do your own feminine healing and reclamation.


I love helping women who are externally very masculine to restore their healthy inner masculine, and integrate that with their feminine energy. This is one part of the work I’ve done with hundreds of women in my program Queens of Pleasure.


Imagine a relationship that gets better and better, where you trust your partner…


Imagine a relationship that’s drama-free, and yet still interesting and fulfilling…


Imagine a relationship where you feel safe and cherished (not like you have to walk on eggshells or always wait for the other shoe to drop)…


If you want a relationship like that, what are you waiting for?


Xoxo, Violet

P.S. yes you can create a sustainable, healthy relationship of trust and commitment, without having to be cold or rude or inauthentic. If you’re ready for your love life to be awesome and to spend the rest of your days with a partner who really understands you and is supporting you (not tearing you down), let’s talk. We offer free 45 minute Breakthrough to Love sessions for women like you who are sick of being “tough” and then being let down. Just grab your spot now because we have more women reaching out each week than we can talk to:

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