Standing at the gate with my little red suitcase, watching the plane take off to NYC…


the plane I was supposed to be on to visit that guy I was seeing.


But I was sick of the hot/cold nonsense, and something inside me said


no to walking through that gate,


knowing he’d never really be the one to watch me walk down the aisle.


In the taxi back home (this was way before Lyft lol), I resolved to never settle again…to never “miss” the red flags…to never put up with a lack of commitment when I wanted so much more.


I couldn’t keep dating down…but I also couldn’t keep getting ghosted or keep opening my heart for just a few-weeks-long “relationships”…


And I couldn’t hide how much I wanted love and how badly I wanted to get off the spin cycle of the apps.


I resolved to figure out the truth of how to attract an incredible partner,


and that pivotal moment with my little red suitcase started me on a quest to find the RIGHT way to get into a lasting, committed, fulfilling relationship for good.


Along the way, I discovered why most advice in this area backfires and feels inauthentic, and why so many people are unnecessarily alone.


Look, finding and keeping a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical connection with ONE person who cherished and adored me like a Queen wasn’t easy.


But after studying with so many people and reading all the books and trying all the things that didn’t work, I created a system that did.


A system that magnetized my husband to me…


A system that helped us create the truest, easiest, and deepest love I have ever known.


My hubby puts my favorite treats in the freezer, surprises me with weekend trips, brings me flowers, and tells me I’m beautiful — consistently.


We meditate together, we create art together, we talk new ideas together, and we decided a long time ago that our shared purpose is to radiate love to heal the world.


The same way I brought this AMAZING partner into my life is the same way I teach my clients to bring their partner in too.


And now I have clients who haven’t been in a relationship in 8 years getting engaged in 6 months.


Does this sound awesome or what?!? If so, I have good news 🙂


Love is not a numbers game. It’s an energy game. And once someone has the right skillset, heartset, and mindset to make love work, magic happens.


In fact I’ve distilled down the four most important things my clients do differently to attract an incredible partner, in a short amount of time,


and I want to share those with people who want a committed, soulful, electric connection.


These four topics are so powerful that anyone who is looking for a healthy partnership


needs to know them now, so no one gets burnt out, fed up, left hanging, or worse, going it alone.


Specifically, my training shows:


FIRST, how to get approached by the right people and stop being dependant on the apps…especially for people who are told they’re “intimidating”


SECOND, how to harness the authentic feminine essence unique to each person to create a sizzling connection without feeling desperate


THIRD, how to get from date to relationship with a true partner…no more non-committal or fixer-upper types


FOURTH, how to leverage the power of vulnerability to keep the relationship going strong way beyond “I Do”


Most importantly, this free training teaches how to find love even faster than I did, because I’m sharing all the secrets I learned in my journey.


These four lessons are the foundation of my relationship and my client’s extraordinary relationships — even if they had been stuck lonely and exhausted for years.


I know these teachings create a different, more effective, pathway to love because they’re based off of my proven system.


I’m going to be sharing this four-part video training over the next few weeks, so if you want lasting love, be on the lookout for video #1 soon.


Are you ready to get into a great relationship and stop going for guys who aren’t right for you?


Xoxo, Violet

PS if you struggle to make good choices for yourself in love, and if you have ever found out too late that you’re attracted to the wrong people, let’s talk. I offer free Breakthrough to Love sessions for women who are committed to changing their love life. If that’s you, just select your spot now at

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