Hey single ladies — do you want to be exclusive, but he’s aloof?


Are you ready to be a wife, but he says he still needs time?


One of the biggest challenges in modern dating is actually getting to the commitment that you want, with a man you respect, who treats you like a Queen.


But instead of settling for single, did you know you can absolutely attract a fabulous man and inspire him to commit?


This is NOT about playing a game, or emotional manipulation.


It’s about your priorities. Yes, it’s about YOUR priorities.


Do you think you just need one more piece of information? Or one more book to read? One more “strategy”?


If you’re committed to information (or manipulation), you’ll never get the love you want. Because love isn’t created in the head, it’s created in the heart.


If you’re committed to information as a way to push off the transformation you actually need, he’s going to be the same way. He’s going to cling to his “next adventure” or “next battle” or “next quest.”


He’s not going to slow down to see you, to feel your heart, and to make you his forever. Not if you’re chasing for more pieces of the puzzle on the internet hahaha.


We can get addicted to just “one more insight” instead of actually investing to do the work.


Little nuggets of insights can make us falsely believe we’re moving forward when we’re actually spinning our wheels. I know, because I used to scour google instead of saying yes to the work and showing up.


The work isn’t therapy, it isn’t bitching to our girlfriends, and it isn’t reading books. It’s hiring an expert in this area and doing what it takes to create a long-lasting passionate partnership.


I’ve worked with hundreds of women and trained thousands, and the ones who win in love are the ones who do the practices in my system. The ones willing to dive deep instead of looking for the bandaid or easy way out. If you’re looking for easy, he will be too.


Are you actually ready to commit to love?


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you’re ready for commitment and willing to do the work, let’s talk! So many women are looking for the fairytale but forget the process of transformation every “princess” goes through to become a Queen. I love helping women find their King but the ones that do are totally committed to taking massive action and diving deep. If that’s you, apply for your free Breakthrough to Love call here: www.violetlange.com/talk

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