If you’re feeling exhausted by dating, burnt out by the apps, and frustrated in love…you may not be approaching your love life in a feminine way.


As a woman, you hold IMMENSE power to attract a great man and create a fantastic relationship.


I know, because I’ve coached hundreds of women on how to do this and I’ve seen them go from single and frustrated to happily engaged in less than a year, with a partner they love.


Sometimes we just want that magic pill, you know?


Not viagra…and not even viagra for women lol!


What I’m talking about is PLEASURE.


If you’re not getting what you want in love, you’ve forgotten how to feel good — about yourself, about dating, about men.


No man can make you happy. But you being happy and full of pleasure will absolutely bring a high quality man to you.


What is pleasure? It’s not about physical intimacy, although that can feel good too.


Pleasure is about being aligned, authentic, integrated in who you are, mind/body/spirit.


It’s about making choices with massive payoffs in the long and short term.


Pleasure is about feeling fabulous like a QUEEN while navigating dating in an effective way.


Imagine upgrading the types of men who you attract…


Imagine feeling confident, sensual, and magnetic as you date…


Imagine your man pursuing you with total respect including getting down on one knee…


If you want some of that, it’s yours.


But this isn’t a magic overnight sort of thing. We’re wired for pain as a society and for being punished just because we’re women.


You don’t have to suffer, but this isn’t something you can change on your own. We can only create healthy relationship THROUGH relationship.

If you want to find the feminine, pleasurable way to date and fall in love, I invite you to set up a free session with us at www.violetlange.com/talk


Are you ready to unlock his heart and claim your dream of love forever?


Xoxo Violet


PS if you feel stuck in dating or just know you’re pushing too hard, there is another way 🙂 over 25 women a week benefit from our free Breakthrough to Love sessions. But here’s the catch — you have to be ready and willing and able to show up for yourself. You have to know love is a priority in your life. If we feel it makes sense to work together, we may invite you to be a client. But if not, we’ll point you in another direction. Either way we’ll have a lot of fun 🙂 Just pick your time now at www.violetlange.com/talk

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