Can you still date when you’re feeling THIS?

Hey loving you ever feel like you’re too broken to date? Or that you’re not lovable?   I can relate. I spent years feeling trapped in the cycle of trying to be perfect, and only feeling more and more ashamed of who I was.   I even had an...

Do THIS to get to “I Do”!

One of my clients got married last weekend, and I am SO happy for her!   You might be wondering, how do I get that for myself? What did she do differently?   Obviously there are many steps to walking down the aisle, which I teach my clients in my signature...

Love? Or logistics? Where’s your focus?

Okay might be kinda when you had a fun vacation but then you’re like oops, it’s painful to look at my inbox!   This sort of pain relates to when we go into “mom” mode in dating and relationships…   You know, when you get bent...

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