Want to be More Magnetic?

I remember going to parties or out with my friends and feeling so hungry for male attention…   I didn’t know why men didn’t approach me!   I thought I was smart, and interesting, and cute...but for most of my 20s and some of my 30s, I watched the...

Is he stalling and putting off commitment?

Hey single ladies -- do you want to be exclusive, but he’s aloof?   Are you ready to be a wife, but he says he still needs time?   One of the biggest challenges in modern dating is actually getting to the commitment that you want, with a man you respect, who...

Are you Stressing about your Love Life?

Gulp...that feeling when he starts to pull away. Totally sucks, right?   You know, when you’ve been dating for a few weeks,   Or maybe longer and you just had intimacy…   And that dreaded pit in your stomach when he stops texting as much...and isn’t...


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