Is this your new normal?!?


What are you putting up with in your love life?


Is there something your friends tell you is “normal”, but it just doesn’t feel good to you?


Many women have found their standards, and their self-esteem, slowly erode until feeling bleh about love is just their “new normal.”


When we experience something for long enough, we start to expect it to always be that way.


Do you believe it’s “normal” to attract scammers online, or “normal” for men to only want physical intimacy, or “normal” to attract emotionally unavailable men?


Are you putting up with dating feeling like a job?


Are you putting up with on-again, off-again cycles of dating where you feel good at first but after a few months on the apps you need to take a break, only to repeat the cycle a few months later?


What if your “new normal” was men treating you like a Queen?


What if your “new normal” was getting asked out in real life at events and parties and even at random places? 


(I once got asked out at the gas station, seriously, by a doctor filling his tank at the next station!)


What if your “new normal” was men asking you to be exclusive and looking for commitment?


The women I work with get compliments like “you look amazing, radiant, and very hot!” after years of feeling low about themselves in dating…without changing their appearance, just their energy. 


The women I work with have men going out of their way to see them, just for a quick coffee date.


And the women I work with have men proposing to them, less than a year after meeting (like my clients Donna, Irina, Susan, Averi, Christi, and more).


Upgrade your sense of normal in 2020 — I’d love to show you how. Just book a call at now


Xoxo, Violet

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