Massive shout out to single moms. Dang. I recently became a mother, and I have so much compassion for all moms, but especially single moms. 


I cannot believe how much energy and care it takes to raise a human, and I can’t imagine doing it alone. So if you’ve been raising kids solo, for any amount of time as a mama, kudos to you. 


Most likely, you made a tough choice to leave a situation that wasn’t good for you or your children. Most likely, you’ve had to be the CEO of your household, while still working 50 or 60 hours a week at your regular job, while being the disciplinarian / setting the boundaries AND giving all the love in your family. 


I imagine you barely have time some days to shower, let alone go on a date. I imagine you barely have the energy to get your kids dressed, let alone get dressed up to go to a singles event. 


And yet, I also imagine that finding love is even more important for you — giving your kids a good role model for healthy relationships, getting pampered now and again by a chivalrous man, and having someone else to support you emotionally and even financially.


I am so proud of my clients who are single moms. They show up to our group calls, do the homework in the course, and date in a way that’s really efficient. In fact most of my single moms say they don’t have time to meet someone in the wild…which is why I help them to date effectively online. 


My client Sandra is the perfect example — she met her man on only the 4th first date she had after being single. Can you imagine meeting your soulmate on just the 4th date after going online for the first time?


If you’re thinking you’ll wait until your kids are grown to find love, you might be missing out, and your kids might be missing out too. Your time and energy are precious, but they multiply when you have good love and someone strong, responsible, and caring by your side. 


If you’re a single mom, and you want to have a great partnership but you’re not sure where to start, I’d love to see if I can help. But first I have to know your history and your patterns, and what you really want — then we can go from there. Let’s see what’s possible by booking a free call at Your time is valuable, mama. I promise we’ll go deep, be efficient, and clarify what to do next for love.


Xoxo, Violet

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