Do you feel like love is far away, far out of reach?


Or do you feel like it’s right around the corner, but year after year, nothing changes?


Our perspective can get way out of whack when we want something, but aren’t getting it. We either think it’ll never happen, or we’re blindly optimistic, to our detriment.


Truthfully, love can happen fast — but only when we do the work and get help. 


Love doesn’t just show up on our doorstep if we haven’t actually changed our patterns of attraction, healed from the past, and learned the skills to date and inspire a partner to commit.


My clients Donna and Irina are perfect examples of what’s possible ONCE you commit to getting this part of your life solved.


Both Donna and Irina reached out to me for help knowing that despite having done lots of work on themselves, and despite being smart and successful, every year it was getting harder and harder to find love.


Within 9 months of starting our work together, they both found their soulmates and had gotten engaged!


Both are planning weddings for this year.


Imagine getting engaged in 2020, and planning a wedding for next year…so much can change when we change. Are you in? It’s simple — just set up your free Love Strategy Session here: 


Xoxo, Violet

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