I get VERY mixed opinions from women about this topic. 


Some women LOVE it, and some hate it.


Some women want to be romanced, and some want to opt-out.


Some women think it’s stupid and fake, and some women think it’s the best day of the year.


How do YOU feel about Valentines Day?


It’s in just about 2 weeks…and it can bring up a lot of stuff for people, from disgust and cynicism, to hope and pleasure.


Either way, if you feel a “charge” around the holiday, it’s worth exploring why…


Do you have dreams of being romanced that haven’t come true, and maybe you’re feeling resentful?


Do you have someone you’re dating and high hopes they do something special for you?


What do you want to experience on Valentine’s Day 2020?


What if you could not only be romanced and cared for, but also supported and loved?


If you want to feel expansive self-love, rock-solid confidence, and deep faith your partner is already on his way to you, just reach out for some support


One of the best things about the group of women I work with is how much they uplift each other, on Valentine’s Day and every day. In fact, my clients always say how the tribe of women in Queens of Pleasure is the most meaningful part of the journey, because the strength and wisdom of the group extends far beyond the course, and is bigger than their love lives.


To me, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the love that is in your life, with gratitude and faith that it will continue to grow when you have the right support.


So even if you aren’t dating someone now, why not connect with a powerful community of Queens who make this day the most nurturing, fun Valentine’s Day yet? Just go to www.violetlange.com/talk to set up a conversation and see if it’s a good fit for both of us.


To women of love I get to work with, and to the right of every woman to feel adored and loved,


Xoxo, Violet

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