Are you a great flirt, with magnetic appeal?


Or are you a great texter, with the perfect blend of witty banter and intrigue?


Do you like to date online, or meet people in the wild?


Is getting to commitment the easy part for you, or getting a second date?


Dating is a process — not a “wait for him to show up on my doorstep” fantasy.


And like every process, there are steps that feel wobbly for everyone who hasn’t learned the skills in that specific area.


Let me break it down for you — if you want a great relationship that lasts and even leads to marriage or building/blending a family, you need:


1–to know how to catch someone’s interest online and/or in real life, and be consistently attracting good men to you


2–to know how to flirt and message with ease, so these opportunities lead to an abundance of first dates


3–to know how to make the first date a huge success for both of you, so you feel confident about getting a second date


4–to know how to keep the anxiety at bay throughout the dating process with a foundation of self-love, self-respect, healthy boundaries, and an empowering mindset


5–to know how to build on the first and second dates to create a real relationship that leads to commitment


Plus you need to know how to navigate topics like intimacy, family, exes and more.


Which step of this process is the hardest for you? Where do you tend to get stuck?


Most women say they struggle with getting to commitment…but that step is predicated on having the right men approach you (step 1), and every step that follows. Commitment is like the icing on the cake, or the top of the pyramid. It only happens if the layers underneath are solid and true.


If you struggle with any part of this process — from first glance to “I Do” — it’s time to try something new. Just set up a call to get the direct insight and guidance you need at 


On these calls, we go through your love life and the steps of the process so you feel confident about moving forward. But I only talk to a few women a week so select your time now:


Xoxo, Violet

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