Have you ever felt so deeply connected to someone that they unlocked higher dimensions of life for you? All of a sudden, food tastes better, the colors in your world are brighter, and life feels more rich, full, and soft?


Have you ever felt so deeply challenged by someone that they inspired you to be your best self and grow past your limiting identities?


Have you ever experienced such profound intimacy that you forgot who you are and where you are, and you merged fully into ecstacy with another soul?


Sure, it’s nice to have fun dates and someone to take you out on Valentines Day and bring you flowers…


But it’s even better to experience Divine Union. 

Divine Union is NOT codependency — where you lose yourself and it brings out your worst.


Divine Union is love which elevates, heals, inspires, and transcends normal life. 


Divine Union will absolutely crack you open in the best possible way. It will shift your identity and your life. It will force you to unify all the various aspects of yourself so that you feel more whole, lovable, and powerful than ever before.


If you want a love that’s “convenient” — someone to fill a hole in your life or be on your arm or have all the same interests and no challenge — you’ll keep attracting partners who are also looking for “convenience.”


“Convenience men” won’t go out of their way to treat you well. They won’t text to make sure you got home okay. They won’t be looking for commitment, and they won’t like making the plans. They’ll want you when it feels good for them, but be strangely distant when it gets too real or complicated.


HOWEVER, a “convenience man” can absolutely become a loyal, committed, attentive partner who cherishes you — if, you also bring out the best in him.


Most women don’t know how to bring out the best in a man. They’ve been so hurt by men that they’re guarded, or competitive, or so independent that there’s no chance of an interdependent relationship.


Most women aren’t looking for Divine Union. But when we lower our standards, we get less of what we want. When we elevate our vision of love, we attract a true partner.


If you want to learn how to elevate your vision of love, and if you want to create a Divine Union, I’d love to see if I can help. Just set up a free call at www.violetlange.com/talk 


Xoxo, Violet

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