About 7 years ago a therapist suggested I read a book called Calling in The One…


I got very excited, followed the book to a T, and proceeded to date about four liars, cheaters, and narcissists.


It was a total flop.




Books cannot transform our life beyond what we can see in ourselves. We live in an age of TRANSFORMATION, not information.


If you’ve been relying on books to navigate love…ouch.


If you can’t see your own blind spots, a book is not going to help.


And if you’re not sure the messages you’re sending to men, a book can’t give you that feedback and insight.


Sure, I followed the book, but it was like putting frosting on a ham and calling it a cake. My foundation and my inner self were all out of alignment.


Now I talk to women who have read that book, but it also didn’t work for them.


Because the missing piece of dating isn’t more tips on texting or 40 things to do before a date — aren’t you exhausted enough?


What’s missing in dating are authenticity, integrity, connection, and trust.


And you learn those by experience with someone to help you and be a mirror to you — not from a book.


Imagine never having to read another dating book again…wouldn’t that be nice?


Imagine knowing you had all the tools to win in love…


Imagine having many high quality men pursuing you, not just one.


My client Colleen has multiple men who are total movers and shakers reaching out to her.


She’s absolutely at choice and figuring out which one she likes best.


She had read books too, and worked with therapists, and they couldn’t get her what she wanted — love — until we worked together.


Are you ready to get your head out of the books, and get your heart and body into an everlasting, passionate love?


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you are sick of books not working and ready to have lasting positive change in your love life let’s talk! We only have a few spots a week so grab one now for your free Breakthrough to Love call. Women absolutely rave about these calls and they go fast because they provide clarity, inspire hope, and lay out the right next steps to win in love: www.violetlange.com/talk

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