Have you ever questioned your love life?


After investing YEARS (and what feels like lifetimes) into dates that go nowhere, you’re busy on the apps but the LOVE just isn’t coming in,


and you begin to wonder “AM I CUT OUT FOR THIS?” and “DO I HAVE what it takes to be a great girlfriend or wife?”


Your family and friends tell you to “just give it time” and “it’ll happen when you stop looking”…


So you take a break from the apps again and wind up even further away from love…


Stuck in an on-again off-again cycle on the apps but the frustration just gets worse and worse and the time between great dates just gets longer and longer…


and the time since your last relationship stretches out behind you and you realize it’s been many FOREVER since you felt loved…


And all this is eroding your confidence and it just feels worse that it’s been so long and it’s making you question and doubt yourself…really SUCKS, right?


Well you know what, the truth is that this can be a DEVASTATING problem for your love life.


If you don’t know how to free your feminine energy, be vulnerable, and stay in your power with the right men — aka if you don’t know how to get into a great relationship — you don’t really have a love life.


What you have my friend is a lot of busy work on the apps, or maybe even a profile, but no true love.


And that can be LETHAL to your confidence PLAY HAVOC in your mind and then you start kind of believing the negativity and doubt that others have put into your mind about not really being the type of woman who gets lasting love…you know, “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” sort of thing.


So maybe you’re stuck — hiding out, not meeting anyone, trying to figure it out alone spending YEARS on the dating spin cycle…


I have clients who hadn’t gone on a date in FOUR YEARS! And they work with me and poof they’re dating 3 different fabulous men within a month and have their choice about who they want to settle down with.


But without a clear method to integrate your mind/body/heart and find your feminine essence… without a CLEAR vision of what you want and deserve in love…and without a SOLID proven PLAN for attracting your guy, flirting effectively and getting from first date to “I Do,” your love life will never lead to down the aisle or to that hot beach vacation, and worse you’re lying to yourself about being a woman of love because until the RELATIONSHIP happens, there is no lasting love.


The name of the game is being able to live the life of romance and companionship and support that you’ve dreamed of — and that happens when people actually ask you out, spend quality time with you consistently, and make sacrifices for you and build a life with you TOGETHER with commitment.


So imagine what your life would be like if you could wake up in the strong arms of your guy…get texts from him throughout the day…and know exactly how to keep your love going strong…


And then within months you’re engaged, flying to Paris or Jamaica or Thailand, and you KNOW not only did you attract your King but that he’s DEVOTED to cherishing you as his Queen now and FOREVER.


Imagine that your relationship every day is getting better and better while you feel ON FIRE with love and feminine power…


Imagine rocking your career with new ideas, new clients, and new opportunities, plus bonuses and promotions, because you’ve got your confidence and love-light back and the world is finally valuing you as the total goddess that you are…


I have been helping successful, spirtual women over the last three years FREE THEIR FEMININE energy, attract the partner of their dreams, and take that relationship as far as they want including the ring on their finger with my signature Queens of Pleasure program.


It’s made me the happiest woman on the planet over the last 4 years with my loving husband, who I literally did meet in my dream 3 weeks before he met me in real life…and who proposed to me only 8 months after we met. Now I’ve built a million dollar business helping hundreds and thousands of women get into committed relationships fast. I’m not saying that to impress you, I just want you to know that it works and women are flocking to us to have us fix their love life once and for all.


So if you’re DONE with taking chances when it comes to your romantic future — I mean truly no one wants to die alone — click here to book a call with one of my team members: www.violetlange.com/talk


We’ll take a look at what’s NOT working in your love life, get you CRYSTAL clear on the next steps you should take to help you free your feminine energy, attract the partner of your dreams in as soon as three weeks, and take that relationship as far as you want.


The demand for this is already overwhelming, and I can’t accommodate everyone, so book your spot now: www.violetlange.com/talk


Xoxo, Violet Love Lange

PS If you don’t actually have a plan to find love and are just winging it on the apps, or if you’re off the apps and flying blind, and what you know you want is lasting love, then let’s talk. Set up your free Breakthrough to Love call here: www.violetlange.com/talk

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