I am so pumped to be talking about something that I find to be a very divisive topic.

Something that’s really misunderstood and that causes a lot of angst and a lot of insecurity for so many women.

If you just looked at it from the outside in, you would think it’s all about appearance.

Or it’s all about wearing a certain color, or it’s about staying in shape, and its so funny that we have these ideas…

Because when I see beauty in another woman, it has nothing to do with her looks.

And so much more to do with her inner essence.

So, anytime that you start to feel like “what’s wrong with me?”

Or questioning how you look,

Then STOP.

Because my clients who have gone from heart broken to being engaged within a year are anywhere from size 4 to size 16.

It just really doesn’t matter like your size, your shape, or what you look like.

Now, we can absolutely like adorn ourselves or feel great about our bodies but it starts from the inside.

It’s also a myth that men are “so visual”

Well men can be visual but I’m also very visual too.

Lots of women are visual.

It’s really more about your essence about the feeling that you create with the person that you’re with…

or the feeling you create when you walk into the room…

or the comfort that you have with yourself and the alignment that you have with yourself.

So if you’ve ever been hard on yourself because you think you needed to do something different in order to attract a great guy.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not so much about like what you look,

what you wear,

or changing things up with your exercise routine, although if that makes you feel good like totally go for it.

What I really wanna share is that, it’s not about your looks and it’s also not about your location.

I’ve helped women in rural New York, in Tennessee, in Iowa.

I’ve helped women all over who originally thought oh it’s because of where I live, that’s why I can’t attract a great man.

And both the looks thing and the location thing are actually just mindset.

There are single, eligible men everywhere.

It’s not possible to go to a single city in the world that doesn’t have some single, eligible men.

(unless you live in a place that’s like a population size of two but I would still say, even if that’s the case with in like an hour around you or maybe an hour and a half, there are going to be eligible men)

Now we don’t always see these eligible men because we might have our own stuff in the way.

We might be so focused on what’s wrong with ourselves that we can’t celebrate what’s right about ourselves and celebrating what’s right about ourselves is exactly what helps draw a man towards you…

because you feel that effortless sense of acceptance of yourself, alignment with

yourself, and attraction from the inside out.

Do you focus on your looks or your feelings?  Your location or the possibilities around you?

Xoxo, Violet

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