We just restarted Queens of Pleasure after my maternity leave, and our January class is almost full. There are 3 spots left to join and start your year with a focus on love — so you can have a blissful Valentines Day and even make 2020 the year you get engaged.


Have you ever wondered what to put in your online profile, or what to say over text, or how to talk about commitment?


Have you ever struggled to change the type of person you are attracting over and over again?


Have you ever known “intellectually” what to do in dating, but struggled to actually set healthy boundaries, be vulnerable, and flirt with ease?


You won’t get what you want in love (or in life) without changing your thoughts, words, and actions. Which doesn’t happen without new skills and support. You can’t date from your head — it requires head AND body AND heart. 


My signature program Queens of Pleasure is designed to give you everything you need to go from single to happily in a committed partnership, while feeling fabulous along the way. Just last year we had 13 women get engaged or married. 


I only work with a handful of women at a time, so if you know something’s gotta change this year for love, reach out now at www.violetlange.com/talk 


Xoxo, Violet

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