Normally I’m a love-and-light sort of girl…


But sometimes after a bad break up, or getting ghosted or cheated on, we want to believe that whomever hurt us, will suffer too.


Now I’m not saying this is an enlightened opinion! But I celebrate the human part of me as well, the part that hoped the men who have hurt me know the sting of a broken heart.


I don’t feel this way anymore, but there were times when I did, and I think every woman goes through times of hoping her ex knows what he put her through.


Why do we do this?


Well, misery loves company. When we’re suffering, we want to spread that, in the hopes that if more people suffer, it’ll lighten our load.


We also do it to be understood — “if he only knew the hell he put me through he would apologize” etc


Once we move through our own pain, we see that everyone is on a journey, and we’ve hurt people too. Believe me there are people you’ve rejected, you’ve hurt, and you might not even know about it! Unrequited love is a powerful force, and I guarantee there have been folks crushing on you!


You want to know the best revenge though?


The best revenge is getting everything you want in love…


The best revenge is knowing you grew by leaps and bounds after that bad breakup…


The best revenge is living a life so extraordinary that when he sees your Facebook post he thinks “holy cow, how did she transform her life into that???”


The best revenge is never thinking of him again.


It’s easier said than done, but put your energy into elevating you…not bringing him down. If he’s got bad character or morals or low integrity, he’ll do that for himself.


Cut the cord with his bad behavior and catapult yourself into the arms of a man who is even better for you.


The women I work with are always shocked when they meet their guy and tell me “Oh my God Violet! I’ve never been treated this way before! I didn’t even know a man like this existed!”


It’s your time. Are you ready to have the last laugh and get the best sort of revenge?


Xoxo, Violet


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