Have you forgotten your primal instinct to love?

or have you been told, when you did love fiercely, that it was ” too much”?

You are not the problem.

The real problem?

The world wasn’t big enough to love you back as much as you loved.

The men you met weren’t far along enough on their own path to meet you with the same fiery passion and devotion and truth

But the world has been changing and people are waking up.

If you’ve been hiding your love, it’s time to come out and let it be seen again.

What you need is a way to translate your energy into a healthy relationship, a way to understand not how to “fit in,” but how to shine together with an incredible partner. A way to amplify each other’s power.

The desire is there, in your heart, to have incredible love, but the tools have been lagging. Because no one taught you how to build an interdependent relationship with an energy exchange that expands and nourishes you both, and the world around you.

It’s like learning a new language…or rather translating the beautiful poetry of your soul into a siren song, bringing your divine love to you.

You need the decoder ring, to make this process so much more fun and fulfilling.

My client Iris reached out to me wanting to find love, but feeling terrified. She was uncertain a man would ever be able to match her, and didn’t feel radiant or open or even ready. But she decided to join my program, knowing she couldn’t stay stuck.


She messaged me recently, saying “I literally met someone on a walk…This person is meeting me on all the levels I’ve needed for a long time. So incredibly supportive, respectful, kind, intelligent etc. Very embodied. And I just had the best sex of my life by like a thousand miles. Thanks for the feminine support! It’s been nearly 2 months. There have been significant conflicts and they’ve been handled with a ton of grace and skill. My heart is definitely in a healthier place, as well as my body and general state of being.”


So many of my clients are scared, just like Iris was, when they first start to work with me. Scared of being hurt again. Scared of being too much. Scared to open to love.

But if they had stayed stuck in their fear, they’d still be stuck. Now they’re quaranteaming with someone who cherishes them and loves their fullness, their passion, their heart.

Don’t settle for less than what you want in love.

But also don’t’ settle for less than you want in life, simply because you lost (or never found) love before.

You can start the process now and meet the love of your life in a few months or sometime in the next year.

Or you can keep putting it off. But what would that look like, 6 months from now in October, heading into winter and the holidays, still feeling stuck and unloved?

The choice is up to you. I’m on this journey with you 100%! But you’ve got to be the one saying “I do” to your love life and your future

How? Just take the first little step. Set up a free Love Strategy Session here and we’ll get started. This doesn’t mean we have to work together — it might not be the right fit for either of us to continue. But you’ll never know til you find out 😉

We in our culture expect the man to make the first move, to propose, etc. But how can he be courageous if you[re not willing to do so too?

The time is now to rewrite your love story.

Talk soon,

Xoxo, Violet

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