Where are you holding back when it comes to love?

Are you turning away from someone’s gaze? Or looking down?

Are you putting off going on meetup or getting out and about where you could meet someone with similar interests?

Are you creating drama in your relationship, pushing away his love?

Most women don’t even realize they’re self-sabotaging the right love for them…

Which can lead to analysis paralysis, always analyzing your behavior but never seeing the blind spots.

My client Carrie didn’t realize she had a challenge with intimacy…until we started working together and she discovered she led with sex, but never opened her heart.

And all the guys she liked freaked her out — it was too close for comfort, so she pushed them away.

Which left her with non-committal, avoidant guys and kept her heart closed off.

Through my program, she got the tools, support, and guidance to integrate her head, heart, and body. To expand and let go of trauma. To attract a successful man and develop closeness without losing herself.

Carrie made the first move. She reached out for help.

After working with therapists and other coaches who couldn’t get her love (only outdated dating tactics), she found me. I often work with women who’ve tried everything else and come to the best because I do it all, fast.

If you want love, you absolutely have to make the first move.

This doesn’t mean asking a guy out.

It means flirting in an empowered, confident, sexy way.

It means being vulnerable and sharing your feelings and desires, including your anger.

It means putting YOU first and investing in your love life.

Are you getting the romance, passion, and commitment that you crave?

If not, it’s time to make the first move.

Set up time to talk with us before this year is over!

Xoxo Violet

PS there are a limited number of successful, handsome, emotionally available men. If you want to be in a great relationship, you have to do things differently — what got you here won’t get you down the aisle. Make the first move by getting support so you can attract and keep a great guy and let go of being lonely. We have a few times open still in 2018 if you book your free call now:


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