Feeling stuck in the dating cycle without depth and commitment?

It can feel so disappointing when your love interest seems a few steps (or more) behind,

or they say they don’t want a relationship but then are serious with someone else a few weeks later

Do you like being the driver in your relationship?

When you are the one pressing forward most likely there’s less relaxation, receiving, and joy…

And more getting ahead of yourself only to feel disappointed or exhausted

I know because I was driving the dating process (and driving them away!) for much of my life until I learned the things I share here

Do you struggle with dating or relationships lasting just a month or two tops?

Do you have friends with benefits but want something deeper?

There is a fatal flaw in most relationships that go nowhere.


And there is one shift you could make that would totally change your perspective. It’s super simple (but not easy).

What would it feel like to try this the next time you meet someone, or with the person you’re currently dating?


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