Recently I wrote about VITAMIN LOVE…about stopping it with junk-food men and getting the REAL deal which will nourish you for a lifetime.

So what is a REAL deal partnership?

How do you know it’s VITAMIN LOVE? (and not skittles lol)

The relationships that stand the test of time FORTIFY you, instead of drain you.

These next level partnerships not only transform you, but also the world.

They heal your wounds, restore your heart, and make a difference for your family or your tribe.

They might even be healing for your lineages, for people that never had a chance to do this sort of work and inadvertently passed on trauma or unhealthy ways of relating.

What that exactly looks like is up to you.

What do you want to do and create in the world with your future partner?

A project? A non-profit? An art activity? A business? A family?

Jason and my purpose in our partnership is to radiate love. That the waves of our love touch everyone around us, and eventually everyone on the planet.

We want to show our community that conscious partnership is possible.

Maybe the love you want to create is to travel around the world with your partner as digital entrepreneurs doing business together.

Maybe you’re just ready to settle down and start a family!

There are so many lush and juicy and delicious opportunities out there for transformative partnerships.

But are YOU the sort of woman who is already becoming that perfect partner?

A woman that a man can see as his muse, his co-pilot, in changing the world together?

You can create that nourishing, incredible partnership NOW, by changing yourself.

By taking action to become the sort of woman who attracts an amazing man.

Let’s take the view of partnership to the next level — additive, creative, world-changing.

And let’s take us to the next level too.

Xoxo, Violet

If you are committed to becoming the best version of yourself I want to talk to you. Find a time here and we’ll explore the massive partnership desires on your heart so you can change the world, with your person.

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