Have you met guys who were just getting out of a long term relationship?


How do you know if it’s a rebound, or a reboot?


You know how your computer freezes sometimes and just needs a restart?


Sometimes we have to just clean up the old programs and then we’re good to go.


But sometimes it’s a bigger problem…and he might not be ready for love.


Lots of women I speak with get sucked into emotionally tending a man’s broken heart…they nurse him back to health, and a few months later he disappears.


Here’s the issue with nurturing him when he’s just getting out of a relationship — if he doesn’t like who he is, he will project that on to you.


So if he messed up with his ex, or is taking on all the blame…or if he was out of integrity…he will be a little ashamed. And when you help him heal that shame, being with you will remind him of when he felt broken.


But what about those guys who ARE ready for relationship right after a breakup?


They DO exist! These men did all they could to make that relationship work. They stayed longer than they should have. They have big hearts. They are not broken — they’re lonely.


One of my clients was worried because the guy she met during our work together had just gotten out of a relationship.


But they are still together and still going strong. Because he didn’t have any holes in his heart to heal, and wasn’t trying to cover up for any bad behavior. He just had been starving for love.


Other clients of mine have a pattern of attracting men going through divorce, because they’ve been addicted to care-taking and over-giving.


My clients change this pattern and find men who are ready for commitment and want a real woman, not just sympathy.


Different people need different amounts of time to heal. Love is not a “one-size fits all, which is why my clients appreciate my proven system AND my customized support.


Rebound or reboot? Are you ready to receive as much as you give and be with your king?


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you are ready for love but keep getting stuck, let’s talk. I want to help you get past the blocks to creating a great relationship, and get your feminine power back. Just sign up for a free Breakthrough to Love call here: www.violetlange.com/talk

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