If you don’t know about Heather Urness yet, you will.


She’s a total bada$$ rockstar babe and a former Queen client of mine. In the last year, she launched an incredible non-profit called The Powerful Girl Project, which helps young women build healthy self-esteem. 


Heather also is involved with an amazing organization called CAASE: Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation. One of her friends at the gym invited her to a CAASE fundraiser, and she knew she had to get involved:


“The energy was uplifting and I felt empowered and connected. Survivors spoke about how CAASE was there as a resource and legal support when no one else was their advocate. Everyone I talked to was a really good human, wanting to do good work in the world.”


Because of Heather’s passion for CAASE, she became a co-chair for the Race for CAASE team this past June, where they raised more money than ever before and had a great turnout. See the pics below!


“There was a sea of orange shirts running together. It felt good to be around people championing the same mission. I felt inspired and so happy to be there.”


Heather is a champion for CAASE because they do legal support for victims of sex trafficking and violence, and they also do prevention through consent classes.


“I work with youth myself (through The Powerful Girl Project), and it starts with educating and informing how to relate to each other.”


When Heather told me about CAASE, I knew I had to get involved as well — changing how we relate to one another, while ending the suffering of abuse, is at the heart of what I do. 


CAASE does fundraisers like the Race for CAASE and dinners, and they have a few select volunteer activities if you live in Chicago. Plus they’re always looking for human rights attorneys who can do pro-bono work to support their clients.


But the biggest way you can support their work and change the world around sexual abuse and exploitation is by donating now. I’m matching dollar-for-dollar every donation, no limit, and CAASE will match your donation too — that means 3x the impact for every dollar you give.


This matching campaign is ending soon and I would LOVE to contribute a massive amount. Will you join the cause? Every dollar helps, but the most important thing is that you answer the call to give if it speaks to you.


Thank you for your loving support and generosity! 

Xoxo, Violet

P.S. I’m matching all donations dollar for dollar to CAASE (Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation) just for the next few days, to celebrate my birthday and give back. Join me and triple the impact at http://caase.org/donate

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