Mmm. Love! What could be better? 


Did you know a 75-year long Harvard study found that RELATIONSHIPS are the number one predictor of happiness and health?


Not your bank account, your house, or even your vacations (unless those things are shared with someone you love).


So, how are you doing in your relationship? Do you have one? Is it flipping fantastic where you do the happy dance when you get out of bed?


All the things we typically prioritize in our New Year’s Resolutions are by-products, symptoms, of a much larger problem or opportunity — LOVE.


If you get that right — and find a great partner — you will automatically have better health and happiness. That’s a tremendous upgrade, right?


I spent the first 30 years of my life not feeling very fulfilled in love, friendships, or family…


And it cost me crippling anxiety, fear, isolation, and heartbreak.


2019 was a crazy year for most people. I have loved the chaos and expansion, and I also have learned some lessons. 


One of the benefits of the tumult of this past year is that I have such freaking fantastic relationships AND total emotional resiliency.


What benefits do you want in 2020? Health, happiness, love? Married people not only have those things, they also make more money and live longer than single people.


What are you waiting for? The perfect body, situation, or time in your life? That’s never going to happen. The perfect time for love is RIGHT NOW. When you have love, everything else falls into place.


Xoxo, Violet

PS the most powerful thing you can do this year for love is set up a free call to talk with us. I know that’s a bold claim, but I have a signature process to get absolute clarity on what’s been holding you back, what you truly want in romance and partnership, and what to do next. Get your free spot now at

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