Super short message for you today! If you’ve been wanting to get my course Trust Yourself for free, you only have until Thanksgiving to sign up! That’s just two more days to get TY for free.


All you have to do is join Win in Online Dating and you’ll get Trust Yourself in Relationships (or TY as we call it!) for free!


Here’s what makes these two courses so powerful together:


Win in Online Dating ($697 value, now $200 off)

Everything you need to know about creating a winning profile, choosing the right pictures, using the best app for you to meet your partner, and having a powerful mindset to win in love. There are six juicy videos with all you need to win online, plus I will even personally write your profile for you and help you select the right photos! 




Trust Yourself in Relationships ($497 value)

Everything you need to know to trust your intuition and stop getting burned in life and love. Seriously, this is the biggest skill that’s missing for most women. We stay too long, we choose the wrong partner, or we let people at work or home walk all over us. OR, we second guess ourselves and stay trapped in exhausting anxiety. There are eight videos, a beliefs playbook, and seven practices specifically designed to empower you right now in all of your relationships (even with your friends and family).


This is the rocket booster combo pack you need to thrive in love. But I only have time to write a profile or two because it’s the holidays, so sign up now:


After Thanksgiving you won’t get this special bonus offer so if you want a free course, click the link above. 


That’s it! Thank you,


Xoxo, Violet

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