Do you ever find yourself lost in your emotions, without direction?


Do you ever find yourself handling your life like a boss, but feeling bitter and resentful?


If so, you’ve been living in primarily your feminine or your masculine energy.


This can be a big problem, because life and the next level of consciousness is asking you to INTEGRATE the masculine and feminine energy within you, so you can create a sustainable partnership.


The dance of the masculine and feminine is absolutely beautiful, and powerful. In fact what could be more powerful and precious than creating new life? A baby is made by this dance, and we call it a miracle. Would you like more miracles in your life?


We can only create something new — a new relationship, a new business, a new habit — when we allow both our femininity and our masculinity to shine and be strong.


Recently I did a two week retreat in Egypt on just this — awakening to my highest gifts through activating my inner masculine and unleashing my inner feminine.


After doing so many years of feminine-based practices, it was incredible to feel the power and wholeness of bringing the masculine back into my life in this deep way.


At the Sphinx, I felt both energies, and at the Great Pyramids too. Later in the trip, we went to the ancient temples of the goddesses Isis and Sekhmet, and the ancient temples of the gods Horus and Ra. During the “rest” times, instead of sleeping, I was so energized and inspired I started creating my next course, Fabulously Feminine: Archetypes for Abundance and Enchantment. I am SO excited to share with you later in the summer this course and these divine codes to unlock more prosperity and romance in your life.


Have you been waiting to create something new for yourself, but feeling overwhelmed? There’s a need for more masculine structure, direction, and agency.


Have you been wanting to receive something new for yourself (a new lover, a new idea, a new boon), but feeling dried out or closed off? There’s a need for more feminine receptivity, lusciousness, and allowing.  


I believe the paradigm of relationship is shifting…it’s not just about finding your feminine. It’s about integrating your feminine and masculine and attracting a partner who is balanced in that way.


If you are attracting men who don’t have their life together, who are perhaps more in their feminine energy, you may be more in your masculine.


If you’re attracting men who have their life together but lack sensitivity and empathy, who are perhaps more in their masculine energy, you may be more in your feminine.


But if you want to attract a masculine man who is also kind, generous, and awake, it’s time to harness the power of both energies within you.


Jason and I are both feminine and masculine. Jason has a huge heart, and knows how to love me so well emotionally and otherwise 🙂 I have huge drive determination, and I know how to get stuff done which benefits both of us. 


It is this blend of energy that makes our relationship so deep and dynamic. 


If you want this type of relationship, and this level of power within yourself, check out this FB live video I created last night sharing more about my journey and inviting you to take this journey to love for yourself too:


Xoxo Violet

PS if you want to reach the next level of love and power, and are ready for a lasting, successful, and oh-so-romantic relationship, let’s talk. We offer free discovery calls to see if we can help you find lasting love:

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