Today is the day! V-day. A day of love!


But something sneaky might be going on in your love life (or lack thereof)…and I want to protect you from this because it held me down for years!


Sometimes well-meaning people in our lives have a habit of accidentally stealing our dream.


Here’s what I mean:


Have you ever had a single friend who wished you well on your date, but you could tell she was dying for love and a little bit snarky?


Have you ever heard your mom say she wants you to have a good guy, but then commiserates with you about her love life, and you get the idea she desperately wants you to stay single so she doesn’t feel so alone?


Have you ever felt like a “project” to your married friends, as they try to set you up with duds, or give you totally unhelpful advice like “he’ll show up someday”?


Most people, especially those who love us, are pretty invested in us staying the same. It’s safer for them.


One of my clients Cassandra had come to me after her mom had told her she would probably never find a man again. Cassandra was hurt and bewildered…I think her mom was trying to “prepare her for the worst” but instead it made her feel crummy and afraid.


Thank goodness Cassandra had the passion and determination to not give up on her dream of love, no matter what her mom or anyone said.


She joined my program and within 4 months had met the love of her life — and they are still going strong.


A woman of self-worth will never let someone steal her dream or keep her single.


She will rebel against anything that erodes her self-worth.


So many women I talk to have been going to all the wrong places for advice — friends and family–instead of getting help from an expert.


Now whether you work with me or not is totally cool, but I do want you to get professional help from someone who knows how to address your challenges and get you into a passionate partnership.


Don’t ever let anyone steal your dream of love. You are worthy of your heart’s desires.


Xoxo, Violet

PS if you’re sick of people stealing your dream or interferring in your relationships, it’s time to get your power back. You can still be a totally loving woman, but not take any detrimental behavior or words either. It’s okay to be in your power and in your heart! If that’s a struggle, or if you sense someone or something is holding you back, let’s talk. Just go here to book a free Breakthrough to Love call with our team:

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