Are you going through a tough time right now, or maybe even for the last few years, in your love life?


Does it feel like it will never end, the skeezy guys or boring guys or lack of attraction or interest?


Is there an ex who you just can’t move on from?


If you’re going through hell, the adage goes, just keep going.


Well, that’s not totally true. Because you could be driving yourself deeper and deeper into a pit of despair without the right love for you. You could accidentally be making matters worse.


If you’re going through a tough time, what you need to remember is this:


Nothing Changes In Your Love Life Until You Change.


I have seen DRAMATIC turn-arounds in a woman’s love life:


From crying every day over her ex to finding a new man in just 3 weeks…


From being single and lonely for over five years to getting engaged in six months…


From feeling stuck in a cycle of healing to breaking free from the abuse and reclaiming her feminine power — which not only got this woman a new love, but also got her a raise too because she raised her standards in life…


I myself went from ghosting, breakups, divorce, sexual trauma, and dating narcissists — to finding the love of my life with the hottest passion, best communication, and most epic romance on the planet.


The number one shift I had to make to find my King was to take ownership of my love life, my history, and my stories.


Your desire to get help so you can thrive in love is super freakin’ strong. And things can happen fast once you make that decision.


What do you have to lose? Sounds like just your heartbreak, despair, trauma, and loneliness.


What do you have to gain? More passion, more purpose, a bigger paycheck, and a life partner.


Pretty good deal if you ask me.


If you are ready to get out of hell and step into heaven — with a love that makes people so happy for you (and slightly envious), then let’s talk. Don’t just keep going when it really sucks.


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you are 100% ready for a change in your love life, and excited to see how to make that happen easily and quickly, set up a free time to talk with one of our free Breakthrough to Love sessions. We only work with the best women on the planet, so if that’s you, grab your spot now:

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