How do you date, now? You can’t stop looking for love until everything settles down, because there isn’t going to be a “return to normal.” 


But that means dating looks different. Dating needs to be more conscious and embodied. This is an opportunity to meet the moment with greater capacity to feel, to heal, and to connect vulnerably and authentically. 




With awareness — of your own trauma and triggers, personally and in your lineage, especially of how they show up in your body sensations. Ce Anderson is speaking to our community about trauma and relationships this Tuesday the 30th and you won’t want to miss it (details below).


With commitment — to identifying your blind spots in how you relate to yourself, to others, and to the world.


With focus — on how you want to feel in a relationship, on what you want your love to stand for, and on what you want to create with your partner.


None of these things (awareness, commitment, focus) are easy. But if love were easy, everyone would be in a healthy partnership right now. 


Awareness, commitment, and focus are worth it though — not only because they will help you attract an incredible partner, but because these skills spill over into the rest of your life.


One of my clients recently told me how much better ALL of her relationships were, because of her experiences in my program and because of her new love. 


She’s attracted new clients to her business, deepened her friendships, and felt more alive, with and without her new romance. One of her friends even said “what have you been doing?!? You are shining!”


Shining requires we shine the light into our shadows, and often that means getting help, because otherwise how can we see our own blindspots? 

Please join me this Tuesday, the 30th, for a free community event, as Ce Anderson leads a discussion on relationships and trauma. 

Ce Anderson, M.S., L.P.C., is a sought-after expert on wellness, domestic violence, sexual assault recovery and setting healthy boundaries who has been seen and heard on the likes of NPR and NBC. A licensed therapist, advocate, and author, Ce provides expertise to make it easier to bring your whole self to your relationships.

Her book, Love T.A.P.S.: Red Flags of An Abuser and How to Get Out, is available on and

Sign up here: 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Let’s use this time to get wiser, stronger, and more resilient. 

See you Tuesday,

Xoxo, Violet

P.S. If you want to date effectively, but are afraid of attracting the wrong person, and not sure how to spot the red flags, or, if you want guidance on trauma, race, and relationships, join our free event with Ce Anderson by registering here: 

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