Sometimes I have to catch my breath…

Because of so much beauty in the world.

I get the privilege of seeing women blossom in love…

to witness their courage as they dissolve the walls around their hearts…

to admire their sassy playfulness as they learn to flirt..

to glee with delight as they tell me about their epic dates with incredible men.

I think I have the best job in the world!

But there’s one thing that really sucks, I’m not going to lie.

And that’s when a woman is resistant to seeing her own beauty.

When she puts it off, puts it at the bottom of the list, or somehow decides she isn’t worthy of love.

I can work a few miracles (such is the power of love!)

But I can’t help someone who wants to stay stuck.

And that is what breaks my heart.

Because I’ve seen women of EVERY shape and size, every background, every location, just crush it with love.

They get their feminine power back, and BOOM, everything changes.

But the fears in our head can tell us otherwise…keeping us locked in a dungeon of self-torture.

This is a huge problem because the man of your dreams isn’t focused on what you think are your flaws.

He isn’t focused on what society says is beautiful.

And he isn’t focused on YOU making HIM happy.

He knows that you feel your own beauty through his reflection of it back to you.

He wants to compliment you, to adore you, to see you smile!

For real!

I’ve never met a healthy man who doesn’t want to make a woman happy.

But if he doesn’t think he can, or if he doesn’t think you’ll be receptive to his compliments and care, if he feels you might emasculate or reject him…


He’s gone. He might fly away or slide away or slowly step back, but he can’t bring you love if you’ve locked the gate of your heart.

Sometimes we gotta adult really hard and just say NO to our fears (or drop an F bomb to them or two)…

And say YES to our own wild, wise beauty and say YES to love.

Tell me, when you saw the line of this email did you say “no, that’s not true” or scoff?

Or did you smile with recognition of your own divine worth?

Xoxo, Violet

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